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how long do you fast before a cholestorol test?
its at 9am... i just don't eat in the morning, right? Please don't think I'm stupid and don't listen, they originally made appt for 4PM, then called me back to say i couldnt fast all day...they rescheduled, but never said HOW LONG to fast for. 10 or 11 tonight should be fine, right?

I think that they may have been thinking that fasting until 8 or 10 am would be fine, but expecting you to fast all day would be unreasonable.

Generally, you fast after midnight until your morning appointment.

I just had one done, 12 hours.

robert m
13 hours.

only 10 hours

I work in a lab 8-10 hours. You can have water.

A little more than ten hours.
More like 13-24...

If you mess up, they'll just reschedule...
Too much of a hassle.


Danita O
you can not eat or drink before the test no matter how long it takes i have to have my done every 6 months and it scences like for ever. hang in there you can do it.good luck

Heather G
Yes you only need to be NPO for 8hrs before any fasting labs
H. Green RN

hi there I would call who ever made the scheduled and ask them for how long you should fast. This is a medical condition that only the medical experts should answer. wait till 9am then start calling OK you should have gotten info on what to do on the day before the appointment or a nurse should have call you. other then that you can go online to LIFE BEAT ONLINE answers your questions about cholesterol testing. avoid strenuous exercise 24 hrs before the test. I know it is 8 to 12 hrs of fasting before the test. good luck on your test and whatever happens have faith in god happy Holiday's.

12 oclock a. m.

Don't eat anything after 12:00p.m. tonight until after your appointment tomorrow good luck

Laura M
The golden rule is No food or drink after midnight. If you follow this you will be fine!

Nancy Kay
Standard orders are 'NPO Midnight" for a fasting procedure scheduled in the AM...that means nothing by mouth after midnight the night before

Do not eat after 12 midnight. a little water to take pills with is ok.

Don't eat past midnight and you should be fine.

When they say 12 hours they assume your coming in at eight so, eight to eight. 12 hours.

Diana P
I get a lower reading on bad cholesterol if I fast 12 hours, some say 8 hrs is enough, but my results prove its more accurate at 12 hours. (for me at least) ( My whole family runs very, very high cholesterol, and triglycerides.)

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