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 How does obesity cause heart attacks?
Please no copy paste because i cant understand it ...

 today is day 1000 after having open heart surgery?
today janurary 3rd 2008 is my 1000 day out of having open
heart surgery has any one else hit that mark or past it today .
Additional Details
today saturday janurary 5th is day 1003<...

 whats it called when you put a metal thing in your heart.?
operation when you put a metal thing in your heart....

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 Do you know anyone at such a young, old, or any age that has heart disease?
I have a dad who is now 48 and has congestive heart failure, a genetic heart disease called: Hypertrophic Cadiomyopathy, and he is also border line diabetic. He had heart surgery on Feburary 14th, 200...

 is this heart problems?
For about 2 weeks I've been getting these weird feelings.. My heart flutters and it starts to race...then i get a feeling in my stomach. Kind of like kicking... im not pregnant... positive about ...

 can a person have venticular tachacardia when they are sleeping?

 my uncle had a massive heart attack and now has no brain activity.
my uncle had a heart attack 4 days ago,he has not woken up since his body temp goes up so they lower his temp down he is on a machine that breaths for him and every time they lower or stop his ...

 Is it ok to stop taking your blood pressure medicine?
I quit smoking 1year 8 months ago, changed my diet and started jogging, I feel great! I take fish oil, vitaminE&C, calcium supplements , ginko biloba, and Ginseng.I last saw my doctor 1/06 and he ...

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 Why don't our pet dogs, or cats, ever die of heart disease?
Don't they get the most rancid of fats in their commercial pet foods?

Could it be because they make their own Vitamin C?

They do however, die of cancer sometimes. Maybe ...

 Why is my heart fluttering?
Sometimes, when I get up or sit down, my heart starts fluttering and my pulse races, even if I'm not doing any strenuous activities. When I walk after getting up, I get a weird sensation. I can&#...

 I ate a pill on the floor of my office and now my heart is racing?
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 high pulse rate, do i need to worry and what can cause it?
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 How does the heart continue beating after removal from the body?
I tried google but I didn't find anything :S

A heart will continue beating for about 30 - 40 minutes when removed from the body (if placed in oxygenated, isotonic saline solution). E...

 my son was just diagnosed with a heart murmur. the doctor said i shouldn't be concerned. should i be?

 I'm having bizarre attacks. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
I'm having these crazy attacks that come on suddenly while awake and asleep. I suddenly become very weak and disoriented. My face, arms, legs become numb and tingly. My blood pressure goes up to ...

 who's mor elikely to have high blood pressure - someone angry or someone depressed?

how do you wake up in the morning without having coffee & abstaining from all caffiene?

I found out that eating an apple when you wake up will actually help wake you more than black coffee can.

sincerly me

If you are a coffee drinker the best way to "come off" caffeine is to taper down, this avoids most of the nasty side effects of caffeine withdrawl. Try mixing decaf with your reg coffee until all you are making is decaf or reduce you intake one cup at a time. Both of these should be done over a few days, meaning if you are adding decaf to you reg coffee, do one scoop at a time over a few days!

Its a matter of habit and nothing else !Try anything and you will become habituated 1 Do you feel the touch of your own clothes on your arm skin??suppose a ant or insect sits on it than??immediately you will recognize because your system is not used to it ! In some people it takes some more time to be adjusted with the given environment and food also ! Always YouRsmE

im not sure if this is actually helping me, or its somewhat psychological, but my friend told me to buy this liquid vitamin stuff at the supermarket for the same reason, because im always tired in the morning. its basically just liquid b12. the bottle suggests one dropper full, friends have suggested two, which i dont think could really hurt all too much, especially since its pretty hard to reach any type of toxicity with b12.

Coffee Drinker of Love
Seriously!!! I have drank coffee for my whole life. About 10 cups a day until about a month ago. I put the coffee maker away and now I drink lots of water!!!

Drinking lots of water will make you feel so good. Basically think of it this way, you are going to flush all the crap out of your body and feel clean! Your skin will be better too.

Well I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I no longer have Coffee. To be honest I wake up by having a shower when I first wake up ;) Wakes me up everytime... and it involves no caffine! LOL

A few years back a friend and I decided we needed to get away from the caffeine.

We bought a can of our regular coffee and a can of decaf. Over the course of two or three months, we gradually went from brewing 100% regular coffee to 100% decaf. It was easy to make the swich - gradually. Set yourself a goal, say ten weeks. Starting TOMORROW with week one, make your coffee with 90% regular coffee and 10% decaf.

Week 2 - 80% regular and 20% decaf
Week 3 - 70% regular and 30% decaf
Week 4 - 60% regular and 40% decaf
Week 5 - 50% regular and 50% decaf You are half way there!
Week 6 - 40% regular and 60% decaf
Week 7 - 30% regular and 70% decaf
Week 8 - 20% regular and 80% decaf
Week 9 - 10% regular and 90% decaf
Week 10 - 100% decaf

Now, get rid of the leftover regular coffee. Once you drink the 100% decaf for a couple of months, you won't go back to the regular - it tastes horrible! Also, if you drink soft drinks, switch to the decaf versions at the same rate you do with the coffee. PLEASE be sure you are drinking enough water each day!

You should always check with your physician!

Please read on to onlymatch4u's answer as they cover a lot of important topics that you may need to discuss with your physician.

I don't and anyone that is around me wouldn't want me to.

Get enough sleep the night before.

I have heard that an apple in the morning will make you more alert then a cup of coffee.

YOu can also get some simulate free suppliments at the health food store

The answer is not glamorous, but it is the way to do what you want. It works.

Caffeine is a drug. It stimulates the adrenal glands to produce adrenalin and this is why you feel the surge of energy after you drink caffeinated coffee or any other food or drink that contains caffeine.

The adrenal glands are recharged each night when you sleep. If you get less than 2 REM periods during the night's sleep, your adrenals will not be fully charged and then you will feel tired the next day.

Each REM sleep period happens when you get uninterrupted sleep of about 4 hours, so an 8 hour sleep, uninterrupted will give you the 2 REM sleep periods typically.

Additionally, the thyroid gland needs to be working at it's peak as well. Unfortunately, the American diet and environment does not allow our thyroid glands to be in good shape. In fact, most people get low thyroid as they age for various reasons. The thyroid gland is a spongy type gland that absorbs all the heavy metals and is part of the lymphatic system. Injuries to the head and back (especially the C-5 disc) can affect the functionality of the thyroid gland, even if you have a good TSH test from your doctor. By the way, the typical TSH test is just not sensitive enough to give you the best results.

Additionally, too much sugar at night meal or alcohol all effect the quality of sleep due to blood sugar issues.

The next big issue is that if you have sleep apnea, you will be waking up all night and never get that REM sleep you need. You can get a sleep study done for very little cost and this will tell you how many apneas you get each night and also the amount of oxygen in your blood.

All these issues contribute to you not feeling awake and alert in the morning and so coffee or tea is what so many people do to get the feeling of being awake and alert.

The best way to fix the problem is to get a good night sleep each night and 2 REM periods, cut out the alcohol at night, minimize or eliminate sugar at night, make sure you eliminate ANY soy products from your diet because these slow down your thyroid considerably and inhibit minerals from being absorbed, especially iron (about 50%), and contains the heavy metal Aluminum in high quantity because the soybean has a great affinity for absorbing this metal as it grows and in the processing methods used.

There is a combination of herbs that if taken for about 10 days will build up in your body and assure you that you will get two REM sleep periods at night, provided you follow the above suggestions as well. The company that makes this product can be found at: www.healthline.cc (not .com). The product is called "Tranquinol." It is totally from organic sources, no toxic tagalongs, grade 10 herbs, and it really works.

good luck to you

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