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 19 yr old heart attack?
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 What should the figures read on a blood pressure machine for one to be normal? What is the normal heart rate?
Is 76 too low for the heart and if so what happens then?
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Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

 In desperate need of help....?
Explain how you cannot catch heart disease:
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 broken heart = literal heart hurting?
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 21 yr/o female. having heart palpatations. chest pain. tightness.?
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 I have high cholesterol and I was wondering, can I eat anything that doesn't have cholesterol in it?
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how can i help my mom control her blood pressure?
my mom has had high blood pressure since 2-3 years! it is normally around 140-90.. but yesterday it had increased to 150-100.. but today morning when she had again got it checked in the hospital it was 140-90.. but now about 2 hrs ago she had it checked again and it has increased to 180-110.. and she also feels like her head is spinning around..

Low salt diet , eat bananas, drink orange juice, no stress

Get LOTS of rest, stay in bed, avoid doing anything that needs much energy. Even walking.
Avoid red meat and eat a lot of celery. Celery keeps the blood pressure down.
Honey is good as well. Find the ones that are natural and have the pollen inside, they might be a little expensive though.
Do not do anything that might risk her getting shocked, pumped up, or emotional.

Hope I helped :)

I have tried many things for my high blood pressure and so far the best thing which brought my pressure down ten points is green tea,I brew a pot every day and my pressure is 120/70,I do workout on our treadmill every day so I'm sure that helps also.I quit taking blood pressure meds 5 years ago and haven't looked back,its great.Good luck to your mom,tell her their are lots of things out there to help blood pressure besides medicines,she's just got to look and experiment as everyone is different.

Make sure your mom is always comfortable, try not to stress her (make her work too much or annoy her). Make sure she takes her medications regularly.

First of all thanks for looking after your mom..............god bless you .see that she is rested completely cut out salt from her diet..............and let her be busy with something like walking or dancing ...............she must be worrying too much

Miz Lamb
Maybe her doctor needs to rethink her hypertension meds. All of the meds do not work for all people. I was taking one that wasn't doing a thing. My potassium went through the roof and the doctors came off the ARB/ACE meds for me and now I have a very happy 115/65.

Also less trouble from her kids helps a bunch!!! Don't hassel her! Do your best to help with the housework, yardwork, whatever she wants help with.

I have found it isn't so much our food plans but finding the most appropriate meds works best.

Try to make her feel as comfortable as she can and don't do anything to get her angry...also call a doctor!!

The best way you can help is through love and support. Make sure she is taking her prescribed medication...help her with exercise...and help her cook and eat right.

Call 911!!! If it's 180-110, you need to seek medical attention. The 911 Operator will be able to determine if she needs an ambulance.

anand harsha from jodhpur
Told your mom after taking meal don't drink cold water. make a cup of boiled water with some drops of lemon and salt in it according to taste, and give to your mom. daily it works try in seven days.

Kiss Kiss
Ask the doctor to prescribe her a medication that can control it.

she needs to continue taking her meds and follow up with her doctor as advised. call 911 if her symptoms that you described continue.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with your mother, or her BP readings. She's perfectly normal, and average for the whole population of the Western World, - better than most, in fact. - If only my figures were as good !.

Her systolic pressure (the top one) should be roughly 100 + her age, (give or take roughly about 10 -15),- and the lower reading doesn't really matter but can on average be anywhere between 80 and 100....

She's FINE!!

If you check anybody's figures they go up and down, and down and up, all day..... so what you're describing isn't even unusual. It's the way the body works.

What are you (or she) worried about? the variations? -or the levels?

The levels are absolutely average and what they should be. The variations, -well, if they weren't like that, then you might have cause to worry.

Ignore the numpties here on Answers. Tell Mom to stop worrying. She's in great shape. Get on with her life.

As for calling 911, -sheesh! how will you feel when you get the paramedics there and they say "there's nothing wrong, - why are you calling 911" THERE'S NOTHING WRONG!!

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