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200 is ...

high cholesterol level?
Can anyone explain how it is that cholestrol levels change over a periods of time. I understand about cholestrol but why should ones levels change from week to week and from day to day, when the same types and portions of food do not vary.

I cannot understand why one day I have it at 6.3 and another day it is at 4.5.. Please help me to understand. Thank you!
Additional Details
I eat very healthy all the time and only have the ocassional glass of wine.

I am not familiar with your test numbers - normally the results are in the hundreds (under 200 is normal, over 200 is not normal)

You could be genetically predispositioned to high cholesterol. My husband and I eat the same thing - well he eats just a little worse than I do (but not much more) and my cholesterol is 170, and his is 400+. He has the gene and needs to be on cholesterol medication. He was diagnosed when he was in his early 20's and he was NOT overweight (in fact most of his life he was underweight) and to look at him you would never know. We limited his diet severely for a few months and in fact his cholesterol numbers rose - which baffled everyone. His triglycerides did drop though because he consumed less sugar (not like he consumes a whole lot though) Oh the one thing that does help dent his numbers, although it makes them still not low enough to not need medication - is exercise.

Also you should have you thyroid tested (any TSH over 3.0 isn't normal) and that could be why your cholesterol is high. Once treated (if that is your problem) your cholesterol should drop on its own.

Claire U.K
I think it is to do with your diet you may be having more salt one day to another and not even realise.

It would appear that 80% of cholesterol in your blood stream is created by your liver, and the rest from meat, eggs and dairy products.

One would assume therefore, if you cut down on meat, eggs and dairy products your cholesterol levels will change.

I'm not sure what you could do to reduce the cholesterol produced by your liver. Perhaps that's what the drugs you mentioned do.

Depends on how tired you are, how stressed you are.Have you eaten fatty food in a smaller amount of time?

Best person to ask is your G.P.

To get the true level you need a blood test and need to fast from midnight.

Exercise and diet will assist to keep your level down but only for so long and then you may need medication.

Some people have bad reactions to Simvastatin. Luckily, I don't but there was a question on here earlier in the week from somebody suffering from the side effects.

You need to discuss with your GP.

Good luck.

DolPek A
Yes they do indeed change. I always have mine checked fasting. Once my doctor told me to eat "no fat" diet and my numbers went up. Could be many factors, your thyroid, genetics etc. See the link below for some of the ways I have been able to keep it under 200 w/o medication. Niaspan is a good alternative to ask your doctor about.

ask your doctor


You are what you eat. Literally

Cholestrol is caused by what you've taken over time, to drop the level you also need to aviod those food items sepecially fatty arbonhydrate and take on exercises, the level drops but when you go back to those food items the level also increases.

billy the kid
All of the answers are relevant and you should take heed of most of them. My advice would be to go and see your GP and request that he/she do your blood count again and then monitor your lifestyle over their suggested period of time then have it done again. Simvastatin like all other statins have side effects. If you are taking it you should have been told of the possible interactions i.e grapefruit juice and if not then speak with your GP. Hope this helps

it all depends on what you eat. if you are a drinker and a smoker then the situation gets worse.

Go to Doctor - get prescription for SIMVASTATIN - 40mg. this will control your cholesterol level. However once you start - you'll be on this medication for life.

Denise W
Basically if you are having your cholesterol checked by the chemist and are using two or more different ones, that could explain it...to get a full and proper count you should fast for at least 12 hrs and get a full blood test done by your doctor/nurse THEN you will get a true reading.

Though Cholesterol has a bad reputation as a cause of Heart Disease it does however perform some vital functions and is produced naturally in the Liver and we cannot do entirely without it. Diet is essential to reduce the levels but even if you excluded it completely from your diet the liver would still produce cholesterol and therefore you would always have some in your blood. The level of production in the body is variable according to requirements and therefore is not at a constant measurement. Control of high levels is best done through diet and exercise. Most western diets contain animal fats, which in turn are converted by the body into cholesterol, reduction in the animal fat intake therefore helps to lower the Cholesterol levels in the blood, but these levels are not static and do fluctuate because of the natural production by the liver.

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