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 If you give a person aspirin, as soon as you suspect he is having a heart attack/stroke, can it save his life?
I remember reading this somewhere. Is it true? Please mention your source...
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Yes, save them until they can get medical help......

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 is it possible for a 15 year old to have a heart attack?
because my heart/chest area hurts alot and when i excersise it beats really fast and scares me....

help! i think i have high blood pressure and im only 15!?
i had most of the symptons after i exercised (for the first time this month) today..i had a headache, felt light headed, and my vision was a tiny bit blurry :( omg wat do i do i dont wanna have high blood pressure???

i get this all the time lmao aint nothing to worry bout im too 15 you aint gonna die trust me its all process of growing up and you do get headaches! lol

Go to your doctor and get it checked out - it might just be a coincidence.
Good luck.

keep working out and eat healthy

start laying off the salt i got low bloodpressure or high didnt kno but i kept getting dizy cause the past week i ate lik everything outside and didnt workout at alll so something happened take naps relax eat a fruit lik a bana when u feel hungry or liht headed eat health no slat it should bring it back to normal

stop being STUPID you sound like a hypochondriac! It's from you being out of shape and starting exercise, not high blood pressure! Aren't you embarrassed for sounding so stupid?

maybe its beacuse u dont xrsise enough r it run in ur fam its lots of ways to cure high blood pressure just asked lol

♥ Julie ♥
its just cause your body isn't use to exercising

HBP is treatable. Diet and exercise help bring it down, and so can medication. See your family doctor. They can check your blood pressure for you. Be sure to tell them what happened after you exercised.
Now if you are not used to exercising, then the first few times can be rough on you. Do you have a way to check it after exercising again.
I know some stores have BP machines you can use, and there maybe a health dept near you that will do the check for free.

Sorry sweetie, but if you dont get to choose.
At least with high blood pressure, you can get pills that help you control it (basically, just a little pill you take everymorning that your doctor prescribes and it helps control your blood pressure --- pretty much my whole family has high blood pressure and thats what they need and they are fine).

If you have low blood pressure on the other hand (which is what i have), thats worse because there is nothing to help you control that except your own actions (keeping hydrated, etc).

The symptoms you described sound like low blood pressure symptoms too so if i was you, i would just see the doctor to find out whats going on there because if you have high blood pressure, then you need the meds to keep in under control. If you have low blood pressure on the other hand, your doctor will tell you what you need to do to try to control it.

Good Luck

♥i love brownies♥
listen to me ok. just take a deep breath each time and count to ten if that doesn't work then try again with the same thing.

Hagop A
Dnt worry ntg is wrong maybe you overloaded your exercise that's all calm down nothing is wrong 15 year olds dnt have high blood pressure very very rare genetically heridated persons have it on such young ages Good Luck !

marilyn f
nope not high blood pressure these r signs u were over exerted after you exercised

You should drink some water and lay down and relax please. Relax your whole body and listen to some calming music or read a book. Do not panic like you are now because that raises your blood pressure. Just lay down or sit down someplace where you can relax. Don't over exercise yourself or you'll be tired and sick. So now just relax and calm down. Breathe. =)

Scott M
These are also the symptoms for dehydration. Drink more water 24 hours before you work out. Unless your diet is especially bad I doubt it is high blood pressure.

Not an uncommon effect of infrequent exercise. You don't have high blood pressure until your rest state indicates that you frequently run high.
This is usually found by a doctor you see regularly. So, until he says you have high blood Pressure - don't worry about.

You do not have high blood pressure , you are dehydrated. Do you prefer to drink water or those sports drinks? Sports drinks have alot of salt and sugar in them just like a regular coke would. Water is well pure nothing in it and your body is always thirsty for water.

Move on
Are you fat ? Headache, light headed and a slightly blurry vision are not symptoms of high blood pressure.

Before you really panic, I suggest you go to a big store like Wal-Mart (sorry if you're not in the States) and get your blood pressure checked. Also, talk to your parents since high blood pressure is sometimes a genetic trait.

The symptoms you describe sound more like you were dehydrated - which also affects your blood pressure but makes it lower, not higher.

If you do have high blood pressure reduce the amount of red meat you eat, reduce your salt intake, and eat whole grain foods. Good luck!

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