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Hannah nanners
heart prblems 13 yearold?
All rite my friend is 13 female and her heart had a super sharp pain.. they later went to prompt care later that day (it lasted about 15 min.) and they took a test wear they stick these sticky things all over your chest and hook them up to a machine (i forget what its called) and anyway.. it was a lil abnormal... she usually has dull pains a few times a day/nite and doesn't know what its from... and idea... (don't scare her) and yea she goin to a cardiologistt or w/e soon... (i think the test was a EKG) ohh and the first time she had thepainn she had just woken up and was laying in bed and it was an unbearable pain she was in tears and could barely breath nor move.
Additional Details
she also went to her docter - He scheduled the appointment with the cardiologist but went ahead and gave her a physical for sports (she plays tons of sports and is a star on her soccer teams and bball teams.. dont knoe if that would have anything to do with it?)(

unless a doctor gives you any reason to worry i wouldnt.

ive had these pains before and they were just heart murmers (irregular heart beats)

but i also had a heart attack at age 16 went to the hospital and did all sorts of tests. they blamed it on my diet. (fast food and engery drinks)

this could be nothing or it could be serious you wont know till a doctor checks her out more

i also was very active playing tons of sports. being very active can put strain on the heart if the heart is already weak it could cause the pains

that it exactly the same problem i have:S
problem is, the doctors spent years of different tests and exercise and different theories, none of them worked..they even hooked me up to a machine for a whole week, they still dont kno whats wrong:S
and even today i still have it
i hope ur friend will be lucky

at the end of the day, Why ask on Answers??

Go back to Doctors???


wait until she sees her doctor, she should ask about sports, this is serious she should layoff it until she gets the ok

OMGGG!! i have the same thing...tell her not to worry i gots the same damm thing... its called Precordial Catch Syndrome (PCS) its common...trust me i went to the doctors too nd they found nuthing wrong

It could be just muscular pain tell her to take some Tylenol and see if she feels better.

[email protected]
I have been a Beleiver for many years, concerning heart problems that are Hereditary. In other words, a heart condition that has been passed down from Great Grand Parents. Beleive me when I say, our bodies are wondorously made, but they are NOT perfect by any means.

Until she sees her Cardiologist, she should cough really hard at the onset of the pain and see if it helps, usually this works quite well.

Chances are, your Friend will be fitted with a "Holter Monitor", looks like a Purse, but has the "Sticky Leads" attached to her chest and it quietly records her ECG for 24 to 48 hours, NO pain. Then the Cardiologist will exam the recordings. Other than routine exams, the only thing most people don't like are the blood tests.....BUT....they are very necessary!!

The important thing, is to remember to continue to exercise, BUT...do so with care and do NOT over-exert. "Over Exertion" can bring about problems of their own, so consider this carefully.

See that Cardiologist and the DO whatever he suggests.

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