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 is this normal?
i took my own blood pressure and it said that i had about 92 over 56. i'm a 15 yr old girl if that matter much. my pulse was also 64 if that matters....

 How do I relax when i am getting my blood pressure taken?
I always get nervous when my doctor is taking my blood pressure . I am 15 years old. When I am watching tv or reading my blood pressure is normal. Have any tips?...

 Should someone with a heart condition go on a rollercoaster??

 How bad is this blood pressure?260 over 120?
My mother went to the ER yesterday around 200 over 110. They sent her home. Well, she went back today and they admitteed her. Last I heard it was 260 over 120 and after meds it had dropped about 20...

 My 15 year old son has 198/115 blood pressure, he is 5'9" and 140 lbs. Could this be hereditary?
My son was diagnosed with high blood pressure. His dad had high blood pressure and his grandfather died of a stroke at 33. His blood pressure was 198/115. His doctor put him on lisconipren. Is ...

 What causes a heart attack at 22 years old? Is it possible if you are normal weight?

 What should i do if i think i had a Stroke or heartattack?
Well what happened was i was playing Ps2 All of sudden my Chest felt like somone was standing on it so i went in bed then all of sudden my Arms felt like they going to sleep like when ur feet does ...

 blood pressure up a bit could this give me headache & fell dizzy blood pressure is 138/105?

 Unusual heart beat episodes?
I'm pretty healthy, and have never been diagnosed with heart problems. But I've had MANY episodes where, out of nowhere, my heart will beat extremely fast, ranging from 10 seconds to 20 ...

 what happens if you don't treat high blood pressure?

Additional Details
if it's around 150/100...

 wha can i do to lower blood pressure?
what can i do to lower blood pressure. i know about exercise and healthy eating. what about ...

 my cholesterol leval is 6.9 which i think is dangerously high but my doctor says i dont need medication?
i think i do how high does it have to go to get help it is hereditary am i a walking heart attack or do i need to change doctors im 24...


 At what point is a person's blood pressure considered too low?
My mom was put on a new blood pressure medication by her doctor, and now her blood pressure is 97 over 58...I've been trying to find answers on how low can someone's blood pressure gets ...

 I'm a 14 year old w/ a weird heartbeat.?
It's been happening for a couple days. Here is a estimate heartbeat that is the pattern I feel. I know teens have heart palpitations sometimes and it's normal, I sometimes get one, like ...

 How can my dad lower his blood pressure without taking drugs?

 how to cure a broken heart?
i really love my girl but her father dosent want her with me they even move to florida he dosent let her use the phone or computer so wat should i do?...

 Should she take her pill today?
Hi, I'm posting this for my mom:

I've got a problem I thought your Answers people might help with - my blood pressure is low, anyway -107/74 (not low, but not high) - and yet, I ...

 can anyone tell me how a person would feel,if they were havin a heart attack? is there much pain.?
i hear many people dying suddenly from heart attacks? and yet they think they have indigestion?? how long can it last and what exactly happens?? does the person feel much pain?...

 how can i lower my blood pressure?
its very ...

heart attack?
But I am not having any symptoms right now. Should I still go?

YES!!!! and cough strongly on your way there, vigorous coughing mimics heart massages and can save your life when suffering an attack alone.

This is pathetic. If you think you're having a heart attack, maybe going on Yahoo Answers and waiting for an answer isn't your best bet. Go the the hospital....omfg.

If you want a decent guess from everyone, you need to at least post some symptoms and why you are asking this question!!!!

Patricia G

of course.


What's the worse thing that could happen?
Go have a bacon double cheeseburger with some redbull.

if ur having chest pain, pain in ur arm, or jaw that moves down to ur throat, ur dizzy, cant breath or feel like u want to pass out then go if not ur fine or go and have an EKG done!!!!

Yeah go!!!!
some times a heart attack comes by suprise. It's better safe then sorry.

Pain in the Neck
how about a little more detail fo what did happen?

Yes, RIGHT NOW! Don't wait for the "best answer" - JUST GO!!!!!

hey u
yes, just in case. it could happen again. you never know.

Scott S
Better safe than sorry.

Symptoms can come and go. Call the doctor to see if you should take an aspirin to help make platelets non-sticky.

Would you rather wait a few days for a major attack, or get it taken care of BEFORE Christmas so you can be at home, safe with everyone instead of being rushed tot he hospital??

its better to consult any doctor as there are also silent heart attacks (in electrocardiograph changes comes little late) but blood tests can tell. or it may be due to gastritis. you didn't gave enough details so its better to seek doctors help before it gets too late. symptoms may subside after some time but it made in damage to the heart in this much of time which can not be repaired at any time. without investigations who can tell you what was it whether you have symptoms right now or no?

good luck !!!

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