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 is this a sign of heart attack? chest pain,more like pressure kind of pain then,?
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[email protected]
heart attack?
hi 2 nights ago my boyfriend aged 25 woke up cpmplaining of tension in the abdominal area which was traveling to the heart. this only lasted a few minutes but his heart rate very irregular and he had to take in very strong deep breaths. for around 2 weeks he has been suffering from discomfort in the chest sometimes with pain. why is this? could he have or be having signs of an impending heart attack? im very worried but i think hes too scared to go to doc.

he is suffering for two weeks and u are asking us at yahoo
did u take him to the doctor?

He had better get his butt off to the doctor asap. It doesnt necessarily have to be a heart attack, but something is wrong and he needs to get it sorted. It could also be stress, but rather not take a chance. People on Yahoo are not qualified to guess what could be wrong, so tell him to go and see a doctor. For his peace of mind as well.

At his age it is statistically unlikely that he has a cardiac problem, however, any chest pain should be investigated to your doctor. It is all very well being scared, but if it is something serious then it is better to find out sooner rather than later. Tell him you are scared of being without him. Guilt is not a nice weapon to use, but it could be in his best interest.

It could be something like an ulcer. The stomach produces access acid and this travels up to create chest pain. If its something like this then it can be treated easily by your doctor and all discomfort eased.

Symptoms like this can also sometimes be linked to stress.

Really, get him to go check it out.

It is foolish to not have his chest looked at. An early diagnosis will reveal any problems and will make it easier to treat. Worry can make chest problems worse. Make him go to the doctor.

Most probably its a case of GERD (Acid Back Flow), considering his age its is unlikely to be a Heart Problem, but cant rule it out

Does not sound like it, if it happens mostly when he is lying flat in bed the pain is probably due to heart burn (stomach acid rising up the oesophagus). See if the pain and discomfort resolves with antacids. If it does not it is worth checking out with your doctor. But an irregular heart rate should still be checked by your doctor to see if there is any other problem.

if the pain starts going down his left arm you should worry

tell him to get to the doctor to put your mind at rest.

Black Orchid
Get him checked out
it may be nothing but if its serious your not going to cure it by ignoring it so please go now

I doubt seriously it's a heart attack, but he HAS to go to the doctor. I don't get the "too scared" thing? Would he rather just drop dead from maybe a ruptured appendix or see the doctor and find out what it is and treat it. This is not a major decision.

Twin mummy ***
25 is young for a heart attack but if his heart beats irregular he should see a dr he may have a serious heart condition

Well if it was a heart attack something eles would be going on. It could be different things,like gas,pull muscle,angina that's when u have chest pains coming from the heart,etc. It;s so many things. Tell him to take something for gas. No baking soda,cuz u don't know what it is.Take something for it see how it works. Than nothing works he needs to go to the doctor.

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