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had heart attack 9 months ago and can't seem to be able to regain any energy. I don't do anything around house
except for the essentials i need a good plan for diet and exercise any help would be appreciated.Doc says i'm doing fine but i don't feel fine so i think i need to get moving but not to extremes. thanks anybody
Additional Details
failed to mention i'm 52 years old and do work at a desk job full time. I take about 8 different meds and adavan to help me sleep. But i just can't get back to my old self or old state of mind.

Just a little encouragement I had an MI in 1992 and a bypass graft in 2000,I can walk about 8 miles,and have done a lot of things I thought i could not even flying an aircraft,sailing.
Don't let it get you down things do get better your over the worst and I presume you are on preventive medication,Good Luck.

Did the Doctor recommend Cardiac Rehab? I had a heart attack in Aug and I am slowly getting strength back. I go to Cardiac Rehab 3x a week and that has really helped. I try to walk every day. I still get pretty tired and still need to rest but in time I think that will be less and less.
If they did not suggest Cardiac Rehab. ask about it. I think you would get a lot out of it.
Good luck

I am not a doctor but I would suggest foods such as bananas, orange juice, etc that are heart friendly. Stay away from fatty foods like bacon (I know ..it tastes sooo good), red meats, etc. In moderation, these are fine but you want body friendly foods and those are always the natural ones such as fruit and vegetables.
As far as exersice, try a walk around the block. Then try two blocks and so-on. Need something from the store? Walk there. Going to a friends? Walk there. You could start a walking club with your like-minded friends and you all could make a day out of it.

Good luck,
I hope things work out well for you,

My husband had a quadruple bypass 5 years ago and it was hard for him to regain his strength. He started out walking to the mailbox daily and gradually increased the distance until he got up to 5 miles a day. It's hard to get back especially if you're overweight. Try talking to your doctor about an exercise routine(not strenuous) that you can benefit from.

Walking , 20 minutes a day three days a week - you need to start slow to regain your energy. Weight Watchers is a great diet plan to start teach you eat right and changer your lifestyle. As you feel better you can step up the pace, bicycling great cardio excercise and easy on the knees. Energy begets Energy you will feel better soon, DOn't give up take care of your precious heart and God Bless!

resimc 2
this shouldn't be a short answer
# 1 what kind of medication you are using now? some heart medications like beta blockers make you feel tired.
# 2 what is the extent of the heart attack?the larger the damaged area of the heart, the more tired you will feel, there is something called (ejection fraction) on the ECHO report, this can roughly tells you how good/bad the heart is functioning.
# 3 you may need a rehabilitation program to strengthen the muscles of the body after a period of immobilization while being treated from a heart attack.
I wish you good health

Do you smoke?

If you do then the answer to this would be to quit smoking....as hard as it is I've known people who have smoked for years and quit through sheer willpower....it's still not too late if this is the case.

Otherwise walk plenty instead of driving and find a way of cutting any fat content in your food you may have

Good luck!!!

i think you should start by strengthing up you heart by exercise if you need help reach me at jazzypha_mizztinkerbell @yahoo.com

I think your suffering from a slight depression i had an attack many years ago and its not something you dismiss very lightly and it comes back in your mind over and over but it does fade away and you will be back to yourself very soon and believe your doctor if he says your OK then accept it and that heps you to get back on track Good Luck it will work out OK for you believe me

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