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can you die from a broken heart?
i think i will soon why does god make us suffer

I'm an athiest because I believe if god is so amazing then why does he kill people and cause death and evil. He's not real. But anyway you can't die.

the simplest answer i can give is: god does not exist, deal with it.

In a sense you die from an "emotional broken heart" not in reality do you die from that. It's something in ur head that actually fails that shuts off parts of ur system that kills you.

just off yourself and be quick about it.

if you commit suicide

fred hall
It is one of the things that stops life becoming a bore.
You are suffering from depression because you have given up.
Life is a battle, soldier on and try to make it enjoyable. It helps to help others, you feel good about yourself.
Be brave! We've all been there or will be eventually.

only if somone breaks it physically like with a steak knife or a stake.
past that. you may feel it's the end of the world today but tomorrow the sun will still rise and you will see new people.

i no it sounds stupid but i think you can actually
my great nanna died of cancer i think and not long after my great grandad died. i carnt remember that much because i was only little.
but all my family say that my grandad died of a broken heart so im guesing is true.

Yes possibly, there is such a thing known as 'Broken Heart Syndrome"

It's proper name is stress cardiomyopathy. When this happens, the heart can be damaged with no signs of plaque or clots in the blood vessels. It's brought on by intense stress,- sufferers can have levels of the stress hormone adrenaline 30 times higher than normal.

There was a study published in Lancet in 2005 I think which showed that, stress and other psychological factors were found to add more to the risk of heart disease than diabetes or having a family history of heart attacks.

The Lancet study showing that stress harms the heart also found that heart attack patients were significantly more stressed due to work, family or money problems than the healthy controls. Such factors were estimated to account for 30 per cent of heart attack risk.

Only if you allow yourself to, so snap out of it and start getting positive. I'm sure you're worth knowing and being around and some guy will reach that same conclusion sometime and your heart will be healed again. That's not going to happen while you're wallowing in self pity.
Sorry to be so direct.


there has been some cases of people having heart problems after suffering a bereavement, its sort of a unexplained and very unusual. i know it feels bad now but pain will make you a stronger person

There are a couple options here:
1) your broken heart could drive you to suicide, thus providing death...
2) your level of stress combined with a pre-existing medical condition could cause death
3)loss of will to live can shut down your body

The key here, is to buck up and realize that life does go on. Be strong! Be independnet. There is always someone out there. The last girl I was with (6 years, and a failed engagement) messed me up BAD. I became a hermit, never went out, never enjoyed life.. But, you know what? The first time I went out I met the girl Im now in love with, and the first time I met her, my broken heart was mended. It can happen for you. Smile, life gets better. :)

A catastrophic personal event such as the death of a loved one really can cause a "broken heart" but does not cause you to die.Sudden emotional stress can mimic a heart attack but the damage to the heart is specific & reversible.When my mother died in 2004 I was admitted to hospital with the symptoms of a heart attack & after 2 weeks & an angiogram at Papworth I was told I had suffered "Chronic distress syndrome" The whole business was made worse because I was having attacks every day & the doctors refused to let me travel 250 miles to my mother's funeral.I still feel I have never said goodbye properly even though I now live in the city where she died & visit the site of her ashes quite often

Lol! If this were the case, me and everyone I know, would have died by now...

However, if you mean "broken heart" literally, i.e. physical damage, it could lead to cardiac arrest - or heart attack - which can cause death.

And lastly, the question you posed about God is subjective; thus you have opened a can of worms. Well done.

No you will learn to deal with it and move on. Don't let somebody hurt you that much, know that it's over for the right reasons and you can and will move on and be happy in time.

God does not make you suffer, it's either your fault or your ex boyfriend/husband's fault. Of course you can't die from it, unless you take your own life. But again that's your fault if you do. Whoever he was, there is many many many more men out there. In time your 'broken heart' will heal, it might take a while but believe me it will heal. Next time you find a man that you really like and start dating try not to fall for him so much, nor become so in love with him because more than likely you relationship will not last forever (not saying your a bad person, the same applies to us all) and you wil have a broken heart once more. So by not falling for someone so much ever, your heart can never become 'broken'.

actually yeah you can you can get very depressed or stressed it can take quite a toll on your body and you can cause many problems that's why people who have been married for along time die on average within a year of losing their spouse,and people who lose a child don't live as long as they would have if their child was still alive, but if its just a boyfriend or girlfriend that you dated for like 6 months i can promise you wont die of a broken heart. hope i helped :)

Johnny Cash is living proof that you can.

People as well as animals have been known to pine away after the loss of a lifelong partner.

You can die of a broken heart actually... Alot of times when 2 people have been together for a verrry long time and one of them dies the other usually follows very shortly after. They call it dying of a broken heart.

Sandisk S
as a result of a broken heart yes, not directly from a broken heart, what i mean is taht you have been hurt or whatever so much that you cause harm to yourself.

this is not a ridiculous question, I am watching my dad die of cancer and my heart is broke too, I know what it feels like.

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