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can someone just die from like a heart attack or stroke or do they feel it?
like if someone is going to die from a heart attack or stroke do they feel the pain like a day before or does it happen all of a sudden

What a silly question. Does your head hurt when you get a head ache?

♥ [cindy]
no i think they feel it right before its going to happen... a pain in their arm is common before a heart attack, and usually women have less chances of surviving a heart attack because they show less symtoms. and think about it... if your heart just stopped suddenly and blood couldnt travel away from ur heart... wouldnt u feel it??

Heart attacks usually have symptoms, but when they happen, it's sudden. People don't always immediately kill them. Cardiac arrest on the other hand, does. That's when your heart stops beating all together.

Top Cat
it depends if the heart attack or stroke is severe enough

some people have (either) and live, others just get it suddenly and die (that instant)

It varies. some ppl have pain for sometime then the BIG one hits and they are gone. They usually deny that it is as bad as it is and wont go in for evaluation. some never have any symptoms then the BIG one hits and they are gone.. There are way too many reasons for heart attack and strokes,, that there is no possible way to tell you in this format...Take Care and hope I helped a little!

I think it really depends if it's a minor or major and what effect it has in your body, also it depends on the person if they are physically strong or weak to be able to cope and recover. I don't think you can predict it's going to happen, it happens all of a sudden.
My great gran had a stroke and she just stopped talking, so we couldn't tell what was wrong with her, only when she was taken to the hospital the doctors said that she had suffered several minor strokes. She recovered from it but she never was the same. She ended it up having another major stroke which left her unconscious and then she passed away after a week.
So as you can see it really depends and it is hard to say.

i hear your heart can just go off like a time bomb

Sometimes there are warning signs, like chest pains, etc. Other times, there are not. My cousin passed away last year at the age of 35 from a heart attack that just happened out of no where. His wife and him were sleeping and he just didn't wake up. There was no pain (thankfully for him in a way) though if there had been perhaps he would have woken up and his wife would have woken up, maybe they would have gotten to the hospital in time.

But that's not always the way it works. So to actually answer your question, Yes, it can happen suddenly but it can also happy gradually.

There are a couple different ways this can happen.

I'll break it down into 2

1) You bleed out internally - the break in your artery or vein is sufficient and you begin spilling blood into your internal cavities. You start to feel feint. Then you pass out. You heart runs out of sufficient stuff to pump before the paramedics called by your wife even get you to the hospital. You die.

This is definitely the more severe scenario. You could live if you get help Quick!

2) A bit of your heart muscle dies when a chance piece of cholestorol breaks off of your artery and get lodged in a smaller vessel along the way to feeding your heart with the oxygen it needs. Pretty soon broken and smooshed blood cells are blocking the whole area and the heart muscle in one portion starves for oxygen and dies. Whenever you try to do something remotely physical you feel feint and out of breath. It's as if you don't have the strength to walk a 100 paces anymore. Even the urge to cough is tiring.

But you'll live. Atleast a little longer. And if you get to the hospital maybe a lot longer. Especially if they can get that blood going back to the heart muscle.

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