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 my son was just diagnosed with a heart murmur. the doctor said i shouldn't be concerned. should i be?

 I'm having bizarre attacks. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
I'm having these crazy attacks that come on suddenly while awake and asleep. I suddenly become very weak and disoriented. My face, arms, legs become numb and tingly. My blood pressure goes up to ...

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 why is my blood pressure so high?
hi ya Iam 22 years old and i don't drink and smoke. My blood pressure has gone really high to 180/90 and it was scary i took it with a machine. I checked it regularly from 5 days and it was ...

 19 yr old heart attack?
i am a 19 yr old male with overweight stomach, but in shape everywhere else. i'm having some pain in my bicep area only. should i proceed to the hospital to have it checked out?...

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I need ...

 can a 16 year old girl have a heart attack?
i am experiencing pain between my shoulder blades that seems to be coming out of nowhere.
maybe the last hour or so.
so i came home from school bcuz im not feeling well.
i had a cough ...

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Do I have to stop taking my beta blockers and if so how long before the test? Thank you in advance all you medical people....

 heart attack?
hi 2 nights ago my boyfriend aged 25 woke up cpmplaining of tension in the abdominal area which was traveling to the heart. this only lasted a few minutes but his heart rate very irregular and he had ...

 i was born with a slight murmur on my heart?
I was just wondering what is this? Does it is amatter that i have a problem with my thryoid gland as well. Would someone mind explaining what a slight murmur is and is it safe or ...

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My heart is bleeding right now. Somebody help me....

 Margarine or butter?

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I like butter myself. I never fry it either....

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Can anxiety attacks be completely cured? For a month now Ive been told I am having anxiety attacks, I can handle the symptoms but obviously i want them to go away, the one symptom I cant handle is ...

 blood pressure reading of 115/70 is this normal or to low? I had just ate like 30 min earlier.?

 Does angina mean I'm having a heart attack?

 Is poor circulation associated with heart disease.?
Thank you for your answers
Have a great ...

 What actions should one take after surviving a heart attack?
My mother recently survived a heart attack and had some sort of operation in Taiwan, I'm sketchy of the details but I know she felt it coming on and got to a hospital. She asked me what she ...

 What should the figures read on a blood pressure machine for one to be normal? What is the normal heart rate?
Is 76 too low for the heart and if so what happens then?
Additional Details
Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

 In desperate need of help....?
Explain how you cannot catch heart disease:
My science teacher gave me homework to explain how you cannot catch heart disease. I researched and cannot find anything on it and my homework is due ...

can a person have venticular tachacardia when they are sleeping?

Yep. You can have ventricular tachycardia when you are doing anything. Mostly happens when you are bearing down for a bowel movement.
Thats why lots of people fall off the toilet and die, then are found in the bathroom floor.

♥*Jo$ie Jo*♥
Yes but it would probably wake them up when they felt any palpatations, and depending on how fast the heart is actually beating. Ive had VT and started to wake up when my heart rate got to about 140bpm.

Available F
yes it is possible.

Most certainly!!

Yes, V-tach can happen at any time. If you are experiening this you really should see a doctor as V-tach could lead to worse things such as V-fib and death.

Sure, why not.

Hi there ... hope you are well .
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All the best Los

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yes, you can have VTach while sleeping. If you are concerned if this is happening to you, ask your cardiologist if you can wear a holter monitor, or event monitor. Or a tilt table study and more invasively, a electrophysiology study.

V-tach can occur at any time. It can be caused by a structural defect such as scarring in the heart muscle fibers. The most common cause is an electrolyte imbalance, like your potassium or magnesium levels. Should go over with your doc any meds your taking INCLUDING vitamins or OTC drugs. Bearing down during a bowel movement or very forceful coughing would actually cause the opposite reaction. It stimulates the vagal nerve. When someone "vagals out" the heart rate drops and then they pass out. Learn to take your pulse correctly and if it goes to high (you would feel palpitations, probably nauseous, and short of breath) go to the ER...coughing along the way.

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