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 ive just had a blod pressure reading and is 158 over 107 is this high or normal ?

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blood pressure up a bit could this give me headache & fell dizzy blood pressure is 138/105?

that's not just a bit high that's very high you need to go see your doctor asap high blood pressure is very dangerous

yes but the bottom figure is quite high. Are you on medication for HBP? if not you should make an appointment with your doctor and get checked out.

Maybe its the headache that is causing your high blood pressure!!! Pain will make your blood pressure go up in itself. Of course dizziness follows. I would look into treating the headaches/pain which will lower your blood pressure.

Yes. Somtimes. Occassionally.

Let me share...
yOUR DISTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE IS HIGH, you need to lower down it if you are habituated to the same blood pressure then Your headache may be due to some other cause. but the safest thing for you is consult your dr as early as possible.

Ruth P
Try taking pomegrante juice this is good for reducing blood pressure, or if you can't get hold of that try pomegrante extract, it worked wonders for me.



Domino's Mom
Yes, it is possible. See a doctor

yes it will make u feel like that, my husband has HBP, u normally get them side effects with higher than that but it can happen, especially if ur hungry or havent eaten for a while, or been doin excercise.

my husbands is around 150/100 and he is on pills from the doctors, its the bottom rate that u have to worry about (105), that is quite high. i would make an appointment to see ur GP, just to be on the safe side.

good luck with this and i hope u get it sorted.

im a mummy 2
yes, it's too high,
go to dr!
take 3 more readings first though!

Spiny Norman
Certainly headache and sometimes dizziness. My blood pressure is high and I get morning headaches, but dizziness is more likely to be when it drops.

It is possible this is the cause of your symptoms but you need to get your BP down. If you are not on medication for it see your doc today or go to urgent care and get this taken care of before it gets worse.

kathy s
Your diastolic reading (105) is high. You need to seek medical attention.

Dr Sixpack
Your blood pressure is very high and could contibute to your symptoms. Go to the GP fast - the long term effects of high blood pressure are serious, as it puts a strain on all your iternal organs. It can cause heart attacks, strokes, embolisms, liver damage, kidney damage and blindness.

Diet and excercise are the key.

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