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 what is post infarct cardiac ?

Kathleen M
blood pressure for 70 year old?
I have high blood pessure would like to know what the normal is

There is no "normal", despite all the nonsense you read on Answers.
The systolic pressure (the top number) for a healthy 70-yr old male ranges -on average-, between about 150 and 180 depending on the time of day - the figures for females are slightly less.
The diastolic pressure usually is between about 90 to 100 roughly, but a lot depends on your medical history obviously.

If your pressures are roughly these then you haven't got "high blood pressure" in spite of what you are told.

If your pressures are significantly LOWER than these then it is an indication that the efficiency of your heart's action may be beginning to be impaired.

Miriam F
the normay is 110-120 over 70-80

It depends on any other health conditions you may have. If your hypertension is isolated, then the goal is around 130 systolic.

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