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 Why can't animals get heart attacks, but people do?

Additional Details
A book by Dr. Mattias makes such claims, but I wanted to get some objective resources....

 if you had one minute left to live what would you do?

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my girlfriend is on 'the pill' and yesterday her doctor said that her blood pressure is on borderline to being high, her blood pressure was around 128/87, is that serious?
also is the ...

 How can I find out if my Dad's blood pressure is dangerous?
My dad's blood pressure is 85/50. I know nothing about this and I need to know if this is dangerous or not!! Help please!...

 What's more important? your heart or your brain?

 Did tou know that your heart pumps blood involuntary?

 Blood pressure question?
I went to the doctor and she took my blood pressure.. it was 120/85 is that normal?
Additional Details
I am 23. I walk about 2 miles a day and take garlic ...

 I've pain in my chest and I can't breath well and I fell tired if I do any physical activity,is it a proplem?

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i get anger very soon for no reason... and i feel so pressure that i start shouting at people around me for silly reasons.... i hate to do that but the situation will be out of my control when i am ...

 Do you need to have heart disease, to have a heart attack?
Or can you just get one anyways, or do you necessarily have to have something wrong with your heart, like heart disease?
Additional Details
Okay, then how do you get a blood clot? If you ...

 is it possible for a 15 year old to have a heart attack?
because my heart/chest area hurts alot and when i excersise it beats really fast and scares me....

 Have you ever had your heart broken?
How long did it take you to recover?...

I almsot passed out the other day and it felt wierd i was playing rockband
Ok heres what happened i was playing ps3 and then i just saw everything it just like rumbled. Like everything went all ...

 which is more important heart or your brain?
i think both i tryed to figure out which one is more than the other
i think your heart, but the brain is much more smarter. like all your senses. but you r heart pumps blood to your brain so i ...

 Causes of chest pains other than heart attack.?

Additional Details
Pain across the chest....under ribs when breathing deeply, not totally constant....(it is me...but am going to docs tomorrow about unrelated issue so will ask then, ...

 8 yr old son with murmer? Please answer my question.?
hi all my son who is 8 and a half yrs old was born with a heart murmer. He attended our local outpatients clinic once a yr to be checked until he was 4. Our doctors then suggested he visit Our Lady�...

 Am I Having a Heart Attack?
I was on IV steroids for 2 days. I was supposed to go for 3 but because I felt like I couldn't breathe, they left me with just 2. My chest was extremely heavy/tight. But they didn't seem to ...

 What should I do about my rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath...etc?
I started taking this pre-workout supplement called "Super Charge" a few weeks ago, and I did not have any problems with it until now. A couple of days ago I started experiencing faster ...

 Could I have had a minor heart attack?
Yesterday afternoon I had a sharp pain which at first felt a little like a period pain but higher than usual, and then, as time went on, rose up to the bottom left of my chest. It was very painful to ...

 am I going to have a hart attack?
For the last few weeks I have been sweating mostly in my armpits an I mean sweat running like a facet off an on. If I drink a cup of coffee that really turns it on. also I have a unexplainable pain ...

Would you try a pure vegetarian diet if it would lower your blood pressure?
Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. McDougal, and many other experts in the field have stated unequivocally that a low-fat pure vegetarian diet will reduce your blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Would you eat a pure vegetarian (vegan) diet if it would reduce or eliminate your need of drugs?
Additional Details
Industry generates a lot of disinformation about vegetarianism though most channels including our educational institutions. A combination of legumes and whole grains provides all the building blocks for protein. Leafy greens provide lot's of calcium and vitamins. The food groups should be: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. Some suggest taking B12, Vitamin D, and Omega-3 supplements for pure vegetarians. Others do not.

Sadly, many professionals including nutritionists and naturalpaths are mis-informed or mis-educated on this topic.

Do your own research for your own health.

no because you would probably have to wear a diaper

no, you can lose A LOT of nutrients that way.

it WON'T.


magneisum from RED MEAT also helps you tard

I know for a FACT YOU are DEFICIENT in EPA and DHA guy........

"Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. McDougal" - These guys did not invent Man's body, neither designed its processes. An only vegetable diet lacks the meat proteins necessary to replenish the muscle depletion by tear and wear, specially if your activities demand a strong physical response (btw, the heart IS a muscle). The Creator of Man (just in case you do believe) provided 'all vegetation" and added a list of animals - considered "clean", for consumption. Others "unclean" we should stay away and not eat, fungii (mushrooms were one of them).

The problem with our system - blood preassure is just one of them - it's not the meat on the diet, but the "quality of our diet" ingested according to our life style. Let me express it better:

Because of marketing concerns - extension of shel life and profitability, as well as food engineering activity - the processes that we subject all we consume are becpmming more and more a function of our diseases: there is an epidemic of children diabettes...but every item in fast food region contains sugars and/or Asparthame, Splenda and who knows what other poison (Google Asparthame and its collateral effects on memory, for instance).

Do you consume shrimp, crabs, and 'shell fish'? these are scavengers. They feed themselves with putrid proteins of decomposed animals on the ground of the sea. The New Orleans Shrimp are a "delicacy"....You like bacon, prosciutto and pork? 80% of cancers are related to pork fat - specially colon cancers - and por fat covers the inner lining of the colon.

How about soft drinks, energy drinks (with their high content of caffeine?). Do you think they have an input in blood pressure?

Need I to continue?

There are many ways to lower cholesterol - if it is high - one sure way way is looking the labels: people believe for instance, that turkey is low in cholesterol; I have found that prepared turkey can have as much as 70 to a 100 mg of cholesterol per 300 grms. Chicke - almost generally processed with skin - has a higher level of cholesterol that extra lean ground meat. Are you a person influenced by the advertising? You follow trends? You follow suggestion of food/medical magazines? We are not supposed to 'consume' fat, pure fat. It's bad for us...yet we love "butter" ! What is butter if not pure animal fat?


ą®œShould Be Sleepingą®œ
No. I like my chicken. And you need protein.

dook 79

Im not overly sure but you should give it a try.

Civic Cat
I wonder what the Inuit would think of your question?
(I wonder what George Orwell would have thought?)

You seem to totally ignored my answer here and gave a BA to an ideological ally:

"Would you prefer to drink tap water without fluoride?"

Not pure vegan no but I would happily go mostly vegetarian. Unfortunately I am required to eat a certain amount of protein because I'm on a special medical diet. I can't have protein powders or vegetable source protein.

Swami Top Contributor
No because I like meat too much.

I'd do it without high blood pressure,

For sure.. especially with all the facts to back it up.

Tracey Seth
No. There are other ways of reducing blood pressure and heart disease. I like my dairy products, eggs and lean protein too much.

And nothing beats and occasional T-bone steak! Mmmmmmm!

Yea cause at least then you know what's going into your body.

doubt it. veggie diets have to be planned very well. we are not natural vegetarians.


[email protected]
The answer is yes, and I am almost doing it!

I suffered from a sudden attack of severe Angina a few years back, and suddenly found I could not walk for longer than ten minutes without feeling sick and faint. They eventually fitted me with 5 stents in my almost blocked arteries.

So now I listen to (and act upon) any medical advice as I wouldn`t be here now, if it wasn`t for these stents.

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