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 How is caffeine good for the heart and brain?
I need ...

 can a 16 year old girl have a heart attack?
i am experiencing pain between my shoulder blades that seems to be coming out of nowhere.
maybe the last hour or so.
so i came home from school bcuz im not feeling well.
i had a cough ...

 I have to take a treadmill test whilst wired to an ECG on Tuesday?
Do I have to stop taking my beta blockers and if so how long before the test? Thank you in advance all you medical people....

 heart attack?
hi 2 nights ago my boyfriend aged 25 woke up cpmplaining of tension in the abdominal area which was traveling to the heart. this only lasted a few minutes but his heart rate very irregular and he had ...

 i was born with a slight murmur on my heart?
I was just wondering what is this? Does it is amatter that i have a problem with my thryoid gland as well. Would someone mind explaining what a slight murmur is and is it safe or ...

 What is the best first aid/cure for a broken heart?
My heart is bleeding right now. Somebody help me....

 Margarine or butter?

Additional Details
I like butter myself. I never fry it either....

 Anxiety attacks can they be cured?
Can anxiety attacks be completely cured? For a month now Ive been told I am having anxiety attacks, I can handle the symptoms but obviously i want them to go away, the one symptom I cant handle is ...

 blood pressure reading of 115/70 is this normal or to low? I had just ate like 30 min earlier.?

 Does angina mean I'm having a heart attack?

 Is poor circulation associated with heart disease.?
Thank you for your answers
Have a great ...

 What actions should one take after surviving a heart attack?
My mother recently survived a heart attack and had some sort of operation in Taiwan, I'm sketchy of the details but I know she felt it coming on and got to a hospital. She asked me what she ...

 What should the figures read on a blood pressure machine for one to be normal? What is the normal heart rate?
Is 76 too low for the heart and if so what happens then?
Additional Details
Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

 In desperate need of help....?
Explain how you cannot catch heart disease:
My science teacher gave me homework to explain how you cannot catch heart disease. I researched and cannot find anything on it and my homework is due ...

 Should i go to the hospital?
i just had my arm bitten off by a shark on my fishing vessel and im not losing that much blood or blacking out so WHAT DO I DO?
Additional Details
ok im not blacking out or anything and ...

 broken heart = literal heart hurting?
I didn't know it would literally hurt? I thought it was just a figure of speech..

Q: Why does my heart/chest hurt?...

 21 yr/o female. having heart palpatations. chest pain. tightness.?
i can feel my heart hammering in my chest, along with pain in my chest and throat when i breathe. it started with symptoms of tight chest, like someone was sat on it! but now i get these plapatations ...

 I have high cholesterol and I was wondering, can I eat anything that doesn't have cholesterol in it?
I have been eating stuff like Starburst and Skittles because it doesnt have any cholesterol in it but is it still healthy for me to ...

 can someone just die from like a heart attack or stroke or do they feel it?
like if someone is going to die from a heart attack or stroke do they feel the pain like a day before or does it happen all of a ...

 My dad is in a coma due to a heart attack. What are the common signs of waking up ? what do we hope to see ?
I would like to know from other people's experience about some signs that they have seen and that have led to the recovery ? and what was the recovery like ......

Why don't our pet dogs, or cats, ever die of heart disease?
Don't they get the most rancid of fats in their commercial pet foods?

Could it be because they make their own Vitamin C?

They do however, die of cancer sometimes. Maybe cancer is a virus? Or a fungus, or yeast?
Additional Details
I meant to say that some, or maybe even all, cancers are the result of viruses, fungus, or yeast infection.
Definition of Oncovirus:
onco·virus (äŋ′kə vī′rəs)

Any of a group of retroviruses variously causing tumors, sarcomas, and leukemias
also oncornavirus on·cor′·na·vi′rus (äŋ kôr′nə vī′rəs)

Because animal doesn't have that kind of disease.

It's curious that you specify "pet dogs and cats", as opposed to animals in the wild. I say this because animals in the wild aren't known for dying from such diseases.

I believe the reason for this is salt.

All living creatures have a high amount of salt in their systems. It's pertinent to supporting life. Humans have 75% water and salt in their tissues, 85% water and salt in the brain and 94% water and salt in the blood. Animals in the wild that consume other animals receive the advantage of this salt. Often, people who live in the country or wooded regions will leave salt licks out for deer and other animals.

Domesticated animals, on the other hand, don't have this advantage. Processed pet foods do contain salt, just as human food does. But contrary to the mythical salt scare, most humans don't get enough salt, and this is why THEY develop health problems. It's very likely that this is the reason pets develop health problems, as well.

Pet owners will find that if they add a pinch of unprocessed sea salt to their pet's water dish, many health problems will resolve themselves and the pets will enjoy better health.

This should open people's eyes where their own health is concerned. Increasing water and salt will prevent health problems.

Frank Enstein
That's primarily what they die of. Heart disease and cancer. Don't believe what you hear.

They actually do die of heart disease. But finding the causes of why pets are sick is realy expensive and harder to do in animals, so in most cases I don't think the diagnosis is accurate.

Perhaps they don't live long enough to perish from heart disease, due to the rotten meat they are given to live off? Cancer isn't a virus or it would be contagious and we know it's not. All we know is that cancer can only be created and survive in an acidic body, and that's why we should be looking at alkalising our bodies with alkaline foods. Meat is acidic so can encourage some cancers - hence many cats and dogs dying from cancer.

They can and some do.

I think cancer and other diseases get them first.

Do you mean Cancer is caused by a fungus or virus? or is made of fungus? it cannot be made of fungus or yeast as cancer isn't a contagious or infectious disease.

My lab died at 11 years of age from heart disease. It was very expensive to find the cause of her being sick and I would imagine that is why more aren't diagnosed.

ofcourse they die of heart disease, your information is wrong.

The sack and canned dog foods are pure junk and contain lots of grains and very destructive things that are not the natural diets for these animals. The animals were designed to eat primarily meat and very little of anything else.

Primitive animals ate highly nutritive grasses that contained very little sugar. The grains, soy, and other garbage that are put into the sack foods give the animals diseases. Veterinarians are making a killing on this. Dogs, for example, should live into their mid 20's, but most die in their early teens of some disease.

The meat being served up on dinner tables around America is pure junk food. The animals are fed grains that have high sugar content and that causes them to die very young, just like dogs and cats. GRASS FED animals live long lives and produce high quality meat and fats that humans and dogs and cats can become very healthy by eating them.

Get some GRASS FED animal meat and feed it raw to your dog and watch how he thrives and never gets sick, is very healthy, and remains young acting. Give the dog some organic table scraps of vegetables on the 4th day and repeat the cycle. You will be amazed at how your dog will be happy and healthy while living twice the life expectancy of those dogs eating the sack and canned foods. Also, Never, EVER, let them vaccinate your dog. That is terrible technology and causes dogs to have a compromised immune system.

good luck to you

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