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 My neice's 3 year old son has been diagnosed with a 5-7 mm hole in the heart?Should he be operated upon at thi
Or can it be done later?
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Shuld he be operated upon at this age?...

 Is my blood pressure too low?
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Eric Cartman
Why does the heart beat after death?
Can a heart expert answer this because after i dissected frogs i noticed its heart beat
Additional Details
it was dead
after we took out the organs vital important, cant live without organs the heart was still beating

Make Money RichKits.com
It was obviously still alive and paralyzed. When the body dies, the heart stops. The only thing that still moves after death is nerves, and hair still grows. If the heart was still pumping, it wasnt dead. They need to get rid of dissection in school, I never grew up to become a doctor and Im sure majority of my classmates didnt either, and if they did, that experience probably wasnt what inspired them to. So that frog you cut open was probably tortured for nothing.

It's impossiblefor its heart to beat after it is dead, it might have ben your eyes playing tricks on you, but frogs you dissect come dead. The are preserved in a chemical to keep them together so you dissect them, they are dead. there is no way for its heart to beat,

rock star mommy
the frog definately was not dead then. may have very well been on its way, but it wasn't there yet. when you die your body and all of its organs completely shut down.


Donna B.
Eric I don't think it was dead yet. Did you remove the heart from Kermits body?

it wasnt dead, it was just paralyzed and silently suffering while you dissected it. the heart definetly stops when anything is dead. poor guy

Green Man
it still has blood pumping maybe?

Melanie M
Well, I'm no cardiologist, but I don't think the heart does beat after death. After brain death perhaps, but while the heart beats, there is life.

Rhian Marie
Isn't a sign somethings dead is that it's heart DOESN'T beat?
Or am I stupid?
'Cause you check someones pulse to check if they're alive.
Are you sure you saw that?
Should'a gone to specsavers ;)


Timothy M
no heart beat=death

it might have not been dead

Robin G
If the frog was alive when you were dissecting it, then it probably beat because the cardio-pulmonary functions were still occuring. This is because it wasn't "dead." We call death when the brain has ceased functioning because the heart no longer functions. That being said, the heart can still pump via electrical pulse or physical stiumulation. More likely though you cut open a living breathing thing.

Gordon Q Hinkley
not all the organs die at the same time

sorta like a chicken after having it's head cut off will flop around for some time

Jennifer S
Your organs do not die at the same time as your brain. You can be dead and alive at the same time, That is why we have organ donations. Blood is still pumping through your veins, just like when a chicken's head is cut of the muscles of the body are still reacting and the chicken literally runs around the yard with it's head off. As the same rate your heart is a muscle. It's life, sorry to be so graphic.

Oh P.S for all the wanna be docs. out there there are some schools that allow for some fresh disections. And it is totally possible for this to happen.

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