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Why Am I Having Chest Pains? What's Causing Them?I'm 18 years old, and have been having chest pains for the
past three years. It's not in one particular place, I have it mostly on the left side, and the middle, and sometimes radiates to the right side. Everytime I go to the doctor they say everythings fine which includes: the heart, lungs, breathing, etc. I always have trouble breathing when the chest pain occurs. The pain has gradually gotten worse, both in the amount of occurences, and the intensity on a scale of 1 to 10 ten being the most severe I would rate the pain as an 8 or 9. When I was around 13 or 14 years old a speacialst had sent me to a pediatric cardiologist to see if I could take some medicine. While there I had an EKG done, and the results said that one side of the heart is slower than the other and I think that's my right side, and that a normal heartbeat beats in the following order chamber 1, 2, 3, and 4. Finally, in August of 2006 when I was 17 years old I had experienced all the signs of a heart attack my dad had said that I was having one, it didn't seem like it. Help.

If you are significantly overweight, age is no factor for a heartattack. It could also be asthma?

If it is only when you breath or move a certain way, I can relate. I get chest pains every so often on my left side. (Feels like ribs stabbing my lungs). The doctors had no answers.

-When you get chestpains, try jumping up and down or standing on your head (well, rolling over). It really does help.

sounds like heart problems to me. GO to another Doctor. Could even be stomach related like in indigestion.

theres no real way of knowing until you go see the doctor, it could be something as smple as indigestion but its best to get it checked out with your medical history

I don't know anything about this. I wish I could help! I know about stomach problems and brain problems, but that doesn't help here. Good luck at finding the problem!

Do you smoke?

Stress could have a big role in this. I get many of the ymptoms you do, and i was diagnosed of being a high stressed person and i have panic attacks. This could be happening to you. Stress does alot to your bosy. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me, and the dr ran a bunch of tests and everything is fine. Ask your doctor about stress, anxiety and panic attacks, this what could be troubling you.

Also, do you smoke or have you smoked? That could be a big role. Drinking alcohol or doing drugs could also do this.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

I would see another specialist. Have they ruled out acid reflux problems and hiatal hernia?


TrAgIkK TeKnOo
this sounds like somthing is really going on with your body and it needs to be sorted out FAST!

well you just need to go to the hospital and tell them that this is happening and for them to do something about it!
or at least try and give you some medicine to try and ease the pain that you are feeling.

Get yourself to another cardiologist and insist they run further tests, like stress tests, etc. Do Not Wait. It may just be stress, but don't fool around. And the next time you feel like an "attack" is occurring, go to the emergency room of your local hospital and insist they do more than just an EKG. Don't let them tell you you are too young for heart problems. Also, any doctor who does not do follow-up testing is foolish. Find another doctor.

harold w
i think you have a problem with anzyatie or nerves maybe panic attacks .are you under stress get enough rest?

If you haven't been at the Doctor's since you were 14 years old then you must go to see a Cardiologist. I think for what you can explain you had a right sided ECG done which it shows the results of the right side of the heart but you are experiencing more symptoms now than ever before, that's is a sign of some conditions that the Doctor must find out, I suggest that you must go to a Cardiologist and explain with all these details the problems that you have been experiencing. You are too young for this type of pain, and if you have a family history I highly recommend you to go for a check up as soon as possible. It could been a heart attack what you experienced before and it it was, you will find the results with a ECG test. Go to see Cardiologist, do not wait any longer. Good Luck

[email protected]
ok im not docter but this sounds seirous go to a doctor and get help if they say your fine find someone eles because your pain is there for a reson i never felt pain for no reson pain is a worrning sign that some thing is wroung so if u r feeling pain get medical help asap

if it is something seirous maby thay can catch it before it gets worses

This could be a nervous node irritated, but the best you can do is to have a complete cardiovascular examination performed by a specialist, if it is a nervous node swollen, that is easy to treat with complex B vitamins, but better you be sure about your lungs and cardiovascular system.

Are you on a prescription for nitro? It sounds like angina, which is when the heart is not getting enough oxygen which leads to mydocardial infarction; which is where the heart tissue dies from lack of oxygen. Go to get another EKG done, maybe they missed something. Or go get an echo of your heart.

In the mean time make sure to get plenty of exercise, drink water, and eat healthy to ensure your hearts well being.

Don't worry. When they do your autopsy, they'll figure out what killed you.

If you are really having that much pain, why the hell are you asking an on-line forum? See a doctor AGAIN and ask these same questions.

It seems very minor but heartburn often a chest pain problem. Ive had extreme heartburn where i could swear it was my heart. try some antacids and see. The only thing that doesn't help the heartburn argument is the fact that your painis severe and longterm.

Cathy C
It sounds as if you've had a lot of work-ups to determine whether or not this was a serious problem..

It could be anxiety. Often panic attacks feel like heart attacks - pain in the chest and pounding heartbeat. And then, of course, the more you worry about possible having a heart attack the more nervous you get! Vicious circle . . .

Other things to ask about: chondritis (inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs) or pleurisy (inflammation of the lung membrane, causes pain upon breathing).

I'd keep letting your parents know that you are still having the pain. If you were my kid I would want to follow up on it until I had a good answer.

my husband is only 20 and he's been experiencing the same thing and doctor's as well don't seem to understand the problem. but he doesn't have a past history of heart problems. just sharp reoccuring pains in his chest mosly the middle near the top of his rib cage. keep tryin different doctors if it means a new one every week, until you find the answer.. tha's what we're doing! it could be serious, the heart is nothing to mess with!

Stress can cause a big role

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