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 Could I have a heart attack?
I am 2O years old, and I am not fat, but every now and then my heart hurts a little bit. It's not sharp strong pain, it is very subtle and only lasts a few minutes.
Additional Details<...

 My heart keeps skipping a beat and then i get a sudden thud?
Hi,I'm getting a bit worried, its been going on for a few weeks now , it only seems to happen in the evenings when i sit down, but it goes on for over an hour maybe 2, and is about 3-4 times a ...

 heart beat problem!?!?
my boyfriend has like a really fast heartbeat and like i can always feel it even in his arms its like crazy
but he says it's been like that his whole life.
he's not overweight and ...

 i need help is this a heart attack?
ok so I'm scared I'm at work and i just start feeling my heart jump a couple of times i do have a heart murmur if that's how u spell it... but i haven't felt it in a while... i ...

her blood pressure is high....is there anything i can give her or do for her???
Additional Details
she already went to the doc. ANYTHING I CAN GIVE HER AT HOME????(FOOD IDK ANYTHING)...

 I am 16. I was just fitted with a mechanical heart valve. What is my life expectancy going to be?

 I'm a 37 year old experiencing chest pains - a tightening in the middle of chest with intermittant sharp pains
I was admitted to the hospital and had every test imaginable - even ruled out GERD,costochondritis and pericarditis. Sometimes the pain is sharp behind my breastbone. 5 weeks on two different ...

 How do you cure a broken heart?

 How do you get rid of heart burn? ?
My husband took all the tums... So it would be a natural remedy....

 y the medicine don't work for high blood pressure?
my husband is on medicine more than 5 month now and the blood pressure is still high and he watch his diet and the doctor change his medicine as well nothing is working his blood presssure is usually ...

 i wannn be you er frends can i?
y or ...

 In simple terms, What's a stroke?

 help! i think i have high blood pressure and im only 15!?
i had most of the symptons after i exercised (for the first time this month) today..i had a headache, felt light headed, and my vision was a tiny bit blurry :( omg wat do i do i dont wanna have high ...

 Is there any thing wrong if heart beat is only 54bpm?
Hi....I am 26 years old male. Today I checked my heart rate in CVS myself. It was 54 bpm. I know that is not acqurate. I remember few months ago I checked in another store, it showed almost same ...

 When was the last time you played Doctors and nurses.?

 what does this mean??? my doctor sounded worried when he told me...?
my doctor told me i should be euphanized...wat does that mean???
someone tell me......

 can u get high blood pressure by worring ?

 I am taking Lisinopril eversince my pulse is super high.?
I started to take Lisinopril 3 weeks ago for high blood pressure it working very good ,however my pulse is 80-85 just laying down if I vaccum let's say it goes up to 125 I afraid to go anywhere.M...

 why do you think I'm lightheaded,nauseated,and my heart is racing?

 what is worst if you're heart is beats really slow or really fast?
what do you ...

Tit for Tat
Who knows CPR?
What made you learn it? I had to learn it for my job.

i just wanted to learn it, (im a "just in case" guy)

Are you a life guard?

I know CPR. Requirement along with Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification.

I know adult CPR...

Everyone should know infant CPR as well including me...my niece died of SIDS in July of 2006...and my Mom had to follow the operators instructions...she feels like...if she had known what to do my niece Ashlyn would have lived...even though we all know my Mommy could not have saved her.

here is Ashlyns website


I'm a nurse and I also taught refresher courses in it.

I think everyone should be made to learn it. It should be taught in school.

Cindy F

Grant S
I wanted to be an athletic trainer back in high school so I needed to know it for my classes.

Yinzer from Sixburgh
I'm certified. Need it for my job.

Gary V
not only am I CPR certified I am also CFRD certified. It was part of my job training.

I'm a nursing major in college and needed it to participate in clinicals. Also, I have friends who are starting to have children, and if I hear about another child drowning in a pool I am going to go crazy.

I recently got my CPR/First Aid card. I got it because it's something good to know in case something goes bad anywhere. Whether it's at work, in a store, on vacation.. where ever!

The physician
1- First of all' u have to call for the ambulance.
2-Position the victim on his/her back and remove all the tight wearings like watches, shoes, tight clothings, and maintain the breathing way (air may) open and secure by letting the head to drop down and open the mouth and clean the mouth from any blood or secretions like saliva, or any dentiture.
3- Inspire the air deeply and do mouth-to-mouth breathing by closing the nose with ur fingers, or mouth-to-nose breathe by closing the mouth , do inflation of the chest at a rate of 20 times/minute. Always observe the chest to see whether inflating each time or not.
4- Feel the neck for pulsation to be sure whether the heart is working or not, if not; place ur both hands on each other and press forcefully therr times. At a rate of 100 times/minute.
5- You have to press three times on the chest and to inflate the chest once alternatively and concomitantly.

GOOD LUCK...........

I work with young adults with epilepsy. I had to learn it for my job.

Most worthwhile thing I ever did.

I became certified the first time for a job in a nursing home, then when I went to nursing school it was required.

Mopar Muscle Gal
It was part of my yearly training for RN for BCLS
ACLS was a lot harder to train for

I know cpr for adults and infants. I learned for my job. I have also been able to use CPR. Training and updates are very important because many do not use it everyday.

It was required in my freshman year health class.

I am a paramedic. The chance to save a life is very rewarding.

I started teaching it when I was in college. It's been a lot of years, and I still love it. I learned it because I thought it would be a great thing to know.

leanred in 7th grade

My chosen profession as an EMT requires every EMT and Paramedic to get Re-certified every year. Why I do it?, Because I know that my actions can determine if a person lives or dies. I think everyone should be required to know CPR.

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