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 What shd i do? someone plz plz help me.....?
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 Do you need to have heart disease, to have a heart attack?
Or can you just get one anyways, or do you necessarily have to have something wrong with your heart, like heart disease?
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Okay, then how do you get a blood clot? If you ...

 is it possible for a 15 year old to have a heart attack?
because my heart/chest area hurts alot and when i excersise it beats really fast and scares me....

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I almsot passed out the other day and it felt wierd i was playing rockband
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i think both i tryed to figure out which one is more than the other
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 Causes of chest pains other than heart attack.?

Additional Details
Pain across the chest....under ribs when breathing deeply, not totally constant....(it is me...but am going to docs tomorrow about unrelated issue so will ask then, ...

 8 yr old son with murmer? Please answer my question.?
hi all my son who is 8 and a half yrs old was born with a heart murmer. He attended our local outpatients clinic once a yr to be checked until he was 4. Our doctors then suggested he visit Our Lady�...

 Am I Having a Heart Attack?
I was on IV steroids for 2 days. I was supposed to go for 3 but because I felt like I couldn't breathe, they left me with just 2. My chest was extremely heavy/tight. But they didn't seem to ...

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 Could I have had a minor heart attack?
Yesterday afternoon I had a sharp pain which at first felt a little like a period pain but higher than usual, and then, as time went on, rose up to the bottom left of my chest. It was very painful to ...

 am I going to have a hart attack?
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 I'm 23 with high blood pressure?
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 My blood pressure is 155 over 107. Is this bad?

 Am i having a heart attack? help!!?
For the past 3 days every so often i get a stitch like discomfort on the left side of my chest directly above my heart.

It is difficult to breath in or out whilst the stitch lasts and ...

 high cholesterol level?
Can anyone explain how it is that cholestrol levels change over a periods of time. I understand about cholestrol but why should ones levels change from week to week and from day to day, when the same ...

 My cholesterol level is 7.1, and blood pressure is 104/80, and my doctor said that's nothing to worry about
My doctor said I have 4% of a stroke or heart attack when I am older.
Should I worry though?
Additional Details
I don't drink, smoke, and I walk 5 miles a day (walk to work)...

I have checked and checked again, It has been 2 days since i notised that there is no pulse either. My skin has gone very pale what should i do i dont wanna die
Additional Details

 How serious is a blood infection?
I know someone who had a blood infection and apparently it went to his heart. He was in the hospital and he is only 19. I don't really know him, hes a friend of a friend. How serious is it? C...

 can a person have heart in right side of chest?
i know ans &just want to see how many of u ...

Naz :D
When ever I lie down at night to sleep i feel a thumping in my chest and it keeps me up?
HI when ever i lie down at night to go to sleep i feel a thumping in my chest, and it keeps me up at night this has been going on for about 3 days and yes i am overweight what could this be i am scared please help!!!

a baby is kickin you~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tell your doctor

Norman O
How many live frogs did you eat for dinner?

... ur heart??

get ear pluggs... :)

Dont worry I get that all the time its just the blood pumping threw your body it nothing to worry about it happend to everyone in my family

Mauricio V
If its your chest that thumping is your heart. The same thing happened to my brother a year ago. So we took him to the doctor and he told us he was probably depressed or he was worried about something. He gave him a medicine to calm him down and it worked.

Tell your Doctor

Good Luck-

Are you sure it's not just your heart beating? If it is not that, just go see your doctor.

Anxiety..and unhealthy body size...if your scared stop eating the doughnuts..

your heart.


Be a beast in 09! =D

If you feel panic it might be an anxiety attack.
If its like a heart problem you should go to a doctor and get your blood pressure checked out.

High Blood Pressure and/or anxiety. Lay there and concentrate on your breathing. Take slow deep breaths. It will ad oxygen back into your blood causing your heart rate to slow down and blood pressure to lower.

Very often, when you lie down, your heart will pump more blood to your head, and with the combined awareness of sound when you are lying down and trying to sleep causes you to feel/hear your heart. This is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it means your heart is strong and is pumping blood very well.

However, if this doesn't feel like your heart (wrong position, not synched with beats on the arterie in your neck, check with your physician.

Define overweight? Is your BMI cresting into the 30s? You might be having heart problems. Or you might just be sleeping in a funny position. Is it painful? If so maybe you should see your doctor. If you really are overweight, then a better diet and exercise never hurt anyone.

You could have high blood pressure.
You need to see your physician ASAP.

I don't know how old you are, but if I were you, I would go to the Emergency Room. Don't put off anything that has to do with your chest.

Joe Biden VP
check with your physician

It's called your heart. o.0

It could be, actually. You're just really calm and aware of sounds and feelings more.

This could be your body telling you something is wrong with your heart. I suggest you go to the ER right now, and get an Echo Cardiogram, etc.

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