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When I speak, I don't have enough breath to finish my sentence. Why? It's worrying me no end!?
I exercise an hour each day (brisk walk), mild hypertensive under medication, 130/95 blood pressure, 56+ years old. I do wake up sometimes from a dream (usually being chased or some frantic event) gasping for breath. Sometimes I get faint when I stand up from a squatting position. why are all these happening?

This is pretty normal for people of your age. You tire easily and your body begins to wane. Don't worry so much. People whom you talk to will understand.

I do that too sometimes, I dont know why it happens. I think i talk to fast and forget to breathe, haha.

Have you gone to the doctor to check to see if you may have asthma?

You should go to the doctor and see what they say about it.

I began having trouble breathing about a year ago but it ended up being bronchitis and it got to the point where i was gasping for air and had to go to the emergency room.

Hope you get better!
& hope i helped!

Brooke *
Asthma, Its easily fixed. The dizziness when you get up? I read somewhere that that is normal because of your central body point.

You are not that old. Are you over weight, do you smoke?
Did you smoke before? All of these could be the cause.
Also have you had a stress test done. It is fairly simple and quite informative.

I would suggest to you to go to a doctor and get it checked out.
It could be heart related.
Good luck.

You are either volume depleted as a result of your new bp med or anxious or both. Perhaps your aortic stenosis is worse than previously thought. Another thought is your sleep apnea; since you cannot stop eating yourself into the diabetes which will eventually kill you.

I wouldnt know whats wrong with you but if i was you i would go see a doctor asap to get checked out.

might want to take a "sleep apnia" test having bad dreams and gasping for air is on the symptoms of sleep apnia and you will feel tired through out the day.

It could be an anxiety problem. It can cause dreams like that and have you wake up gasping. It could bleep apnea which needs to be checked because it can lead to heart problems. Talk to your doctor about it.

It might be a medication you might be taking thats causing you these symptoms you got to remember if you have recently have taken any new medication. Also try to remember before you took your medication did you feel that way you are feeling now or did your current symptoms came after you started the new medications. You should inform your doctor because if you didnt feel this way before then something is happening to you and you need to go see your Physician ASAP. Good Luck I hope you get better Sir

Your lungs are not cooperating. There are a number of reasons this could be happening. Before it gets any worse see a lung doctor. Shortness of breath should be taken seriously.

I am on oxygen with any exercise now. I got run down before I sought help. Don't wait like I did. Keep in shape, see a doctor about this as soon as possible.

A doctor has the better idea, i mean diagnostic answer. Mine is just descriptive, those things goes with your age

what kind of meds are you on? beta blockers are notorious for this. your heart rate maybe slowing a bit and your body is pumping you with adrenalin thus the bad dreams and breathlessness, if your meds are bringing your pressure down either low where your not used to it, or below perfect numbers you can get lightheaded. not to worry unless you faint or collaspe almost fainting. but either way see your doctor. he knows you better than we do.

also sleep apnea can do this also. if you have any kind of asthma some bp meds can aggrevate them. that is why I got off beta blockers, Calcium channel blockers agravate my asthma but not as bad. ace inhibtors and arbs (angiotensin receptor blockers) gave me bronchitis.

I take an inhaler. advair seems to help,


Called old age. Just kidding - I'm the same age. If this short of breath is new, get it checked out. You could have pnuemonia. The getting faint is due to the medication &/or the BP. That is not too unusual but mention to the doctor and he may want to change it. You're lucky you can get up from a squatting position. Not sure I could without help, lol.

Mark M
I can only give you answers based upon my family's experience. Your dyspnea (shortness of breath) could be from a number of sources, including bronchitis (difficulty inhaling), asthma (difficulty exhaling), congestive heart failure (fluid in the lungs), or a side effect of taking an ACE inhibitor or beta blocker for BP control. (This is certainly not a complete list...)

Note that beta blockers effectively place a governor on your heart, limiting your maximum heart rate and inhibiting your response to adrenoline. So simply standing up or increasing pace while exercising can easily cause shortness of breath and light headedness.

If I had to guess what is causing your light headedness, I would say it's your BP meds, but again, I'm not a doctor and I haven't seen your medical history.

Following my admittedly shaky guess, it would be preferable to try as many basic lifestyle changes as possible before resorting to BP meds, IMO. There is a long list of potential causes for your elevated BP, which I'm sure you know well. But I'll toss out a few of them:

1. BMI > 25%
2. Smoking
3. Poor exercise habits (not the case with you, clearly)
4. High sodium intake (easy to correct)
5. Low potassium intake (also easy to correct)
6. Sleep apnea
7. Generally poor diet (probably not the case for you)
... and many more!

Finally, I should note that beta blockers are somewhat on the way out as a first line of treatment for hypertension. (This started in the UK and is gaining strength in the U.S.) Diuretics are generally preferred as a first line of defense.

Good luck!

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