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 what makes the heart beat outside the body?

ive been having anixetty attacks for about 3 years now and im only 15 yrs old ; i really hate this experience and i wanna live a normal life and do things i cant do now . My anxietty is really hard ...

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i had RED DIARRHEA today. ive had alot of tummy pains and gas!!!!
what is this? why is it [email protected]?!?! uh oh!!!!...

 Serious inquiry into transplant surgery?
i just saw a documentary were a 70 year old man received the heart of a 16 year old boy and is doing well.
My question is: if heart failure is usually the first thing that causes death in old ...

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 Can anxiety cause a heart attack?

 Is my heart rate too fast?
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200 is ...

 why does she need an echocardiogram?
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 lower heart painnnnnnn?
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 Does your size affect your RESTING heart rate?

 If a doctor restarts your heart, do you remember dying?
Just wondering....

 How soon can you expect an 70 year old to die with heart failure?
i can't wait till that b*otch dies... she was so rude to me and physically harmed me. she caused my infertility problems with pregnancy and caused me so much stress. my fiance's mother.......

What would happen if the heart failed?
This is a question on my grade eight science test. I am going to be asked to explain in detail what would happen to your body if the heart failed. A simple : "You will die" will NOT do. I need the answer in detail so I can learn and study .

This is a pretty good explaination for you.


if your heart monitor says you are stopped. meaning the heart they will have several types of shots and stuff to try and start up the heart and get you to pumping Again. sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. if it doesn't start in with a few minutes and you are not responding then eventually they declare you dead. your body functions all stop also meaning you can defecate and wet yourself all at the same time. sometimes foam could come out of the mouth but very seldom With this type of dying. your brain immediately starts to deteriorate and all stuff starts breaking down and they cover you up and done. morgue.

If your heart stopped, u would say good bye to this world.

I'm not a expert but I would assume it depends on why the heart failed, I know it can happen from heart diease, and clogged arterys. depending on how long the heart has stopped you can be revived. After a period of time reviving is pointless cause with no blood flow the brain starts to suffer and become damaged.

Nonetheless I'm sure more die of heart failure then become revived, I hope this helps!

P.S Again I'm not a heart expert but what I spoke of I'm pretty sure of.

Circulation would stop.

Jasmine R
You'll die that's all there is to it.If the heart's not pumping your not living!OH and here's a sentence for you to right. " If the heart stops you will die do to circulation of the blood"

The heart is like a hydraulic pump, it makes the blood flow through the veins and goes all around your body. Blood is essential for your life, as it maintains muscles, get purified in the lungs, and lubricates your brain, if heart quits pumping, none of the blood functions will be performed, then you won't be able to keep on planet Earth as a living creature.

I hope this helps.

Good luck


Oscar el Mexicano

Kayla M
the flow of oxygen would stop throughout your body and without oxygen your organs, especially your brain, would start to shutdown, then you would die.

Heart failure doe not mean that the heart has completely stopped. It means that it is no longer functioning at its nominal level. Heart failure can range from mild, in which you may tire earlier than expected, to severs in which you may need a wheelchair and supplemental oxygen.

The heart can fail because it doesn't pump out enough blood on each contraction or it can fail because it does not relax enough to fill between beats.
You may have noticed the word"enough" used several times. This is at the heart of heart failure. It is an insufficiency, not a total failure. Many people live with heart failure. Not too long ago, heart failure was considered to be permanent and progressive. Today, there are several drugs that can stop or even reverse mild to moderate heart failure.

Smoking is strongly linked to heart failure. To increase your chances of avoiding this disease, don" smoke!

You probably already knew that!

blood would stop flowing through your body your kidney and liver would shut down and then the brain. Then your dead

Your body is totally shuts down; :
You are totally floppy and movable when you first die, but as the days go by, you stiffen up, almost unmovable.

Hope it helps. :]

Heart Felt
It is important to understand that heart failure may lead to corrective medications and/or surgery. Heart failure does not mean that it stopped or that you are dead, it just means that there is a failure in the circulatory system acting properly. It is an early warning system to get in and see a doctor. Most are able to catch it. For some it kills them on the spot. Mine was detected when I had chest pain, (angina) that led me to a physical, that led me to a blood test, that combined with chest pain led me to the treadmill EKG, with results that led me to outpaitient diagnostic catheterization, that resulted in me being checked in to the hospital for open heart surgery the next day. Now with quadruple bypass surgery, I have been cured of heart failure and constantly being watched for recurrence.
I thank God for the miracles of how our bodies work and doctors work and prayers work so that now my heart works, too.

Hushhhh Hannah!
You die that's the only thing. You cant' live if your heart isn't working.

you would stop breathing and suffocate. Blood and oxygen wouldn't get anywhere causing brain damage

You would die of cardiac arrest. Your cells would no longer be provided oxygen thus resulting in death as your blood no longer is pumping oxygenated blood to your vital organs and brain that allow one to sustain life.

Your body would have no way to distribute oxygen and nutrients to your bodies cells. Also no way to remove waste. Cells would die off one by one. Your brain couldn't function so autonomic nerve functions like breathing and digestion would stop. It would cause all systems of the body to fail and of course death. Hope that helps!

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