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dark and cute and loveable
What is this and what should i do need help ASAP?
am under allot of stress but not to much
1 gets kinda scary for no reason i just get scared of everything and feel fear and like im dyeing
2 Gets hard to breath and its hard to swollow
3 my mind races
4 i shake and cry
5 my hands and feet go numb my chest getting tight and so does my neck this has been happening for a year but after 30 mins or so it goes away is it just stress? I have been to the ER thats what they said but still worryed so what do you think?

Au-delà de l'amour™

Mary G
....a heart attack

sounds like a panic attack. If medical professionals told you it was stress, why not accept that instead of asking a bunch of amateurs here? (Sorry to any professionals out there).

david r
i would stay at the hospital for a little bit

i don't really know because i never feel like the . sorry i cant help u !!

Sounds like social anxiety disorder . People usually think you have to be around people but it's the thought of people or real life situations that can cause you to have panic attacks. Check web md

i think that it is hysteria.


Yep, its anxiety or panic attacks. The ER should have sent you to a psychologist, because thats who deals with that.*

that's a panic attack honey, go to the Dr.

Sounds like stress. Anxiety.Call your doctor and ask for his/her advice.

Josh H
It sounds like you have some sort of panic disorder. You may need medication. I had times at my job where I felt like I was going crazy and I feel now that I just must associate myself with the present moment I feel better. I don't feel that way if I just do everything to the best of my ability. DO your best to be as associated with what you're doing when your doing it. Stay off the internet as much as possible and get some real friends that you can talk to. You need someone who can understand you and help you through these times. Get a psychiatrist because you definitely need medication. Panic disorder is a real disease and you do need help before you hurt yourself or others.

It sounds like it might be a panic attack.

its called an anxiety attack. xanax and ativan are commonly prescribed for your problem.

Yes stress and anxiety,
I also had that fear it gets pretty crazy at times. But you have to talk yourself out of because it is only your mind that is doing this. I have a fear of groups of people. And being away from my boyfriend i cannot sleep at night because of my thoughts running through my head. Don't worry about it. It is a normal thing that most people have, but remember its all in your head, those things are happening because you are thinking about it. Just do something to keep yourself busy

You seem to be suffering from anxiety, this is almost normal for our society today. It seems like everyone you speak with in today's rush, rush society is going to some kind of consular.
I am going to recommend this to you. If you can't afford one try and get one through your county health agency, at least an interview.

In the meantime when the going gets real bad, sit down, take a small paper bag (Paper only) and breathe slowly into it until you fell better, maybe three or four minutes. Try counting backwards from 100. Anything to get your mind off what was bothering you.

you have Panic attacks. Anxiety attacks.
They are very scary. Make an appointment with a regular doctor, their are medications that can help with this. Also, you can look into natural remedies available at health food stores. See the link under source for some natural remedies.

i think you might just have anxiety attack. or just REALLY freaked out.

Jerry 71
Visit a psychiatrist (an M.D. who can help you with stress). A lot of nice, reasonable ppl can use the help. A psychologist is a PhD, not an M.D. and cannot distinguish between stress related problems and physical illnesses. A psychologist also cannot write prescriptions.

It sounds like anxiety attacks to me

hotbeaglemama (menopause)
this sounds like panic attacks to me, years ago my husband had them and I thought he was having a heart attack.
You need to see your regular doctor and talk to him and have him do a full cardiac evaluation to rule out anything and then prescribe you something to help you stay calm, and do try to de stress, Life is too precious to spend every day struggling and worrying.
Best of luck to you.

That is a panic attack!

Sounds like anxiety.
Has there been anything recently in your life that has caused you to worry constantly?

I'm a psych major so my best advice would be not to worry about something if there is nothing to worry about. Tho if you need professional help, it's best to see it now. Or talk to someone close to you.

Please email me if you want to talk. Good luck.

Not a doctor, but I had a friend who went through an attack similar to this once...turned out to be panic / stress attack, but only your doctor can tell you for sure. It sure sounds like stress (I know the mind racing thing all too well when I'm stressed), but if you are concerned it's more, make an appointment to see your doctor.

Amber H
it sounds like an anxiety attack.

Penguin Online
Sounds to me like a mild panic attack and hyperventilation (over breathing) just carry a paper bag in you hand bag, when you fell that you are breathing sharply and very quickly and your fingers are going tingly, place the paper bag over your mouth and nose and re-breath your own air this will help slow your breathing and stop you from passing out.
Re the panic attacks talk to your doctor about it.

i agree, this sounds like a panic attack. contact your doctor and tell him your symptoms

sounds like a Panic Attack.


You're having an anxiety attack. You need to manage your stress better and know the warning signs of an attack.

Shannon A
i think it's a panic attack

Chickens Don't Eat Wings
It's most likely from the stress sounds like you have anxiety and panic attacks

It sounds like an anxiety attack.

Don't worry! You are a healthy young person. Make sure you get enough physical activity, okay?

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