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 mitral valve prolapse .....?
ok so I have MVP with regrurgitation
I have all the signs heart racing, dizzyness, tired
I cant take a bata blocker b/c it lowers my BP to low so I am stuck to just deal with this.

 Is this heart burn?
For the past 5 days I've been having alot of discomfort in my throat, and chest with light belching. Sometime I just all of sudden feel like I'm going to be sick and belch up acid with ...

 please could you tell me what a heart fibulator is?

 is it normal for a whale's heart to stop beating when it's asleep?
is it? plz give ur opinions cuz i really need help with it i have a due report day on that.....................

 How Blood pressure is increased by following factors?
How Blood pressure is increased by following factors?

1.Sodium Chloride
4 Mental tension
5.Estrogen ...

 Has anyone heard about heart guardian the cholesterol block from austin texas?
i got a charge of $59.00 on my credit card..and have not ordered anything from this company..so i called my credit card company..but they are sending papers..but was wondering if this is a ...

 HR max and cold white feet?
I gave my self a mini stress test to figure out my HR max so I could calculate my target heart rate range. I have hypertension and I am on beta blockers (my doctor gave me the okay to do what ever ...

 I was told today that my son has a blonde fundus? Can someone please explain that to me?

Additional Details
He had very blond hair as a baby, (Now 10) and his hair is much darker now. He has blue eyes, but according to the eye dr, they are very light blue eyes. His skin ...

 Can some one explain this procedure to me ?
My Sisters Husband has to ahve some sort of Heart Surgery they say his heart is out of Rythem and they need to go in and Shock it ??? and i was Curious how serious this is ,if its common and what if ...

 after walking for an half hour what should your heart rate be?

Additional Details
keep in mind

im a slender 15 y/o male with no health ...

 what is post infarct cardiac ?

What happens to a person who have a stroke...?
and was not discovered until the next day or so... are there any hope / chance of recovery?

It depends on the extend of the stroke. All minor strokes recover fully. Even major strokes recover to a great extend.

In this case where symptoms weren't identified/noticed immediately, there could be two explanations:

It could be a minor stroke, which is difficult to notice and usually resolves itself after a couple of days or so.

However, there is a so called "stroke in evolution" which is a progressive kind of stroke that gets worse over time. It doesn't matter whether it has been found immediately or not for this kind of stroke. The symptoms are bound to get worse.

So depending on the kind of stroke, chances for recovery are relative. However, medical help whether late or not, is greatly helpful for the improvement of the patient's condition.

Hope this helps

Pat C
ALWAYS hope for a recovery ... Total recovery might not happen
My mother had a major stroke and lived 10 more years! Her last stroke killed her.
If your talking about TIA's (small strokes) you can live even without knowing you had them until it does the damage.
But to find a person the next day asleep and HAD a stroke that will take some hard work on the doctors part to get them back, prayers do help and they work too
I will add my prayers for your person too, Good Luck

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