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4 Mental tension
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keep in mind

im a slender 15 y/o male with no health ...

 what is post infarct cardiac ?

wanna _run _fastaa
What does heart valves mean?
i want short, good,and accurate answers PLEASE!

valves formed of fibroelastic bands located at junction between atria, ventricles and between ventricles and great vessels help in controlling blood flow in one direction ...short answer .......as short as possible ,lol :)

James P
The heart is four chambered dual pump.

A right side that pumps blood to the lungs under low pressure

The left side pumps blood throughout the whole body under high pressure.

There are four heart valves, two on the left side and a mirror image set on the other side.

Blood from the veins dump into the right atrium, separated from the right ventricle by the tricuspid valve. It opens, alllows the ventricle to fill, closes behind it once it is full. THe ventricle starts to squeeze and the pulmonic valve snaps open and blood is ejected to the lungs.

THe blood is oxygenated, returns to the left atrium, The mitral valve now opens (similar to the tricuspid valve) and allows blood to fill the left ventricle.
When full it closes. The left ventricle squuezes and pressure rises, finally the last valve the heart snaps out with sufficient pressure is achieved and blood is ejected from the heart to the whole body.

The heart valves are tissue that separate the atrium from the ventricles. And also two valves that are the last gate as it leaves the heart. One on the right and one on the left.

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