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What can you do for lowering down your high blood pressure to normal?
Other than taking medicine as I've heard that you have to take it for the rest of your life once you start your medication. Are there any other alternatives other than taking medicines? Thanks.

I've heard taking a spoonful (teaspoon or tablespoon) of vinegar helps. I've actually tried it. One day my pressure was elevated, I went home took a spoonful of vinegar, and laid down for about 45 minutes. I felt much better.

Reducing stress, monitoring your diet, and exercising would also help. But please don't do these things instead of going to see your physician.

you can start by taking medication and also just stop stressing over anything. also try exercising and eating healthy.stay away from salty foods!

Normally, you have to take the hypertension medication for the rest of your life. See your doctor to find out what classification you are: borderline, average, or severe. Limit your intake of caffeine; eat grilled, baked or roasted meats; eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables; exercise no less than 1 hr/day (preferably more); limit alcohol intake and stop smoking ( if you can't stop, limit it severely).

Eat whole grains, (read labels to make sure it is whole grain and not "wheat flour." Eat Oatmeal
Cut down on salt and sodium.
With the approval of your doctor, start a regular exercise plan. (Make sure you talk to your doctor, especially if you may have other heart problem.)
Cut down on trans fat and saturated fats.
Learn about portion sizes and slowly work down to a healthier meal size.
Eat more vegetables.

All of these things combined will help you lose weight as well as lower your blood pressure, and you will feel better, too.

Avoid stress as much as possible
Lose unnecessary weight
Exercise regularly (at least 5 days/week)

I've been doing these things for many years and my blood pressure is well controlled and I feel fine (I also take medication daily).

ted j
Eat low fat food, diet.

Miz Lamb
Exercise for an hour every day, like walk for an hour as fast as you can. No days off!

Eat low carb food plan along with that.

But if you have other health concerns the doctors may not allow you to quit taking the meds. The ACE and ARB are not for everyone. Sometimes the other meds work better.

I changed meds due to a potassium problem and now am at the lowest dosage of the alternative med. But the docs keep saying that I can't quit taking it because of other problems.

Assuming your problems stem from a sedentary or stressed way of living, lifestyle change. Regular exercise, starting very moderately and possibly monitored by a doctor depending on your condition, can work absolute wonders. That, and adjusting your diet can often be enough right there. It takes time and diligence, but is by far the best way to start. Even if your problems are related to some illness, rather than lifestyle, exercise has been shown to help.

The biggest mistake many people make is using the meds as a crutch. They can keep BP down, but you MUST make the changes to your lifestyle if you want to see long term improvement. They suppress the symptoms without fixing the underlying problem.

A friend of my father's (mid 50s I believe), came to the doctor with a blood pressure of ~170/110. Very overweight guy, never active. 2 months of eating less and cutting out the garbage, no meds, and he was down to 150/90. Just two months of eating right. Obviously, the amount of improvement possible and the time frame involved are unique to the individual, but it does work.

Gary B
Severe lifestyle changes -- better diet, more exercise

But it is untrue that once you start blood pressure medications you will be on them forever. The GOAL of any proper treatment is to change your lifestyle to the point that the medications are no longer necessary.

But it may be that you have other physical problems that cannot be changed. For example, kidney disease will cause high blood pressure, and many cases of kidney disease are not repairable. Lung problems can cause high blood pressure. And there is always the possibility that "bad genes" are your problem -- you've inherited a tendency toward high blood pressure.

In these case medications is REQUIRED. There is nothing you an do to alleviate the situation, and changing a lifestyle isn't going to help. if you want to stay alive (avoid stroke and heart attack) you MUST be taking the medicines.

So check with your doctor and follow HIS advice.

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