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 How soon can you expect an 70 year old to die with heart failure?
i can't wait till that b*otch dies... she was so rude to me and physically harmed me. she caused my infertility problems with pregnancy and caused me so much stress. my fiance's mother.......

 What should you do if your heart explodes?

 This 'problem' with my heart only seems to happen when I am relaxing?
My heart seems to 'miss a beat' or beats almost out of my cheast some times, but not when I am up and about.

It comes and goes but is frightening when it happens.

It ...

 Is blood pressure of 140/100 dangerously high?

 How do they know that smoking is bad for you? Where does the CDC get its info?
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 Answer the blank: High blood pressure is more common and more severe in ________ people.?

 When I speak, I don't have enough breath to finish my sentence. Why? It's worrying me no end!?
I exercise an hour each day (brisk walk), mild hypertensive under medication, 130/95 blood pressure, 56+ years old. I do wake up sometimes from a dream (usually being chased or some frantic event) ...

 can crying too much lead to heart disease?
can crying too much harm your health? i've been crying like 2-4 times a week for months now, you know feeling lonely and i'm just emotional
Additional Details
or is crying good ...

 if you needed a heart transplant ?
and were told by the doctors that it was nearly compatible to your own heart but it might be rejected would you accept it anyway if you knew with out taking it you would die?...

 HELP very worried about my blood pressure?
My blood pressure is a 100 systolic And im really tired and light headed (dizzy) could anyone tell me is this dangerous ive been to docs and he is writing to hospital Thank-...

 If a guy that was about to die in the electric chair had a heart attack should they save him?

Additional Details
Jerry, thats correct. I just wanted to see how many people knew that tho ...

 is my blood pressure healthy?
i was just at duane reade and took my BP. the first number was 122 the second was 28 and my pulse was 68. is this good? I'm a 19 year old female
Additional Details
you know, it ...

 Think I'll have a heart attack soon?
My mom had a heart attack at 42. She survived.. scary, though. I know we have heart disease on both sides of the family. What're my chances of a heart attack any time soon if I do not change ...

 Strong random pains in my heart?
Strong random pains in my heart?
I get random strong pain's in my chest (in my heart) from time to time. What could be the cause of this, is it something i should go to a doctor over?

 I'm having a heart attack, how long do I have till I die? And what should I do?

 Is It Normal To Feel Your Heart "Moving"?
I don't mean "beating"- I know what that feels like. I don't think it's "palpitations" either, although I could be wrong because I've never had those before, I ...

 tightness around my heart?
I'm five foot three inches tall and about four stone over weight, i've always carried a bit of weight.

Nothing has changed in my diet for the last two years and the only major ...

 my boyfriend has to get his aneurysm fixed tomorrow do you think hes going to be ok?

 Heart Pain?
I am almost 25 years old. I am a mother to an 8 month old. When she was about 2.5 months old I started noticing pain in my heart. It is when I am sitting still, watching TV, as I type this question ...

 Are all cases of irregular heart beat serious?
I am slightly over weight, I am taking Cerazzette (POP)contraceptive pill and I am 24 years of age. I have just discovered that my heart seems to be missing a beat after every 20 or so beats, I am ...

Hot Belfast
What can I do to reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure?
There is a strong family history of heart conditions and hypertension. What can I do to reduce the effects on me, I'm under 40 years old and BP is normal at the moment.
Additional Details
I don't drink, or smoke and don't take additional salt in my food.

take the lingzhi in tablets..
it really works, you can find it in the DXN company, i'm one of the members..
lingzhi can make ur body's organ recovered, then your body can cure the diseases..

Change your genes, prevent from coming the years so that you remain young, and clean your blood vessels immediately from any fat or plaque!

Watch what you ingest food wise and you could take some over the counter supplements like Omega-3's and B vitamins help! It basically falls on the diet and exercise category! Good luck!

All the above, but also steer clear of caffeine.

You're doing well by the sound of things. keep up with the good work. Don't drink too much alcohol, try not to get stressed about things, and watch your weight.

Use Lo-Salt instead of ordinary...try not to eat ready meals as they are packed to the gills with salt....eat watercress and celery they are natural remedies for High blood pressure....Dandelion Tea is also very good as it's a diuretic.Learn meditation to keep your stress levels down.Buy an over the counter monitor so you can check your own pressure at home...Argos sell a really good one...my Aunt takes it with her to the Doctors and then compares the readings...and it's always spot on.Take gentle exercise ...but ask your Doctor first.

You must keep your salt intake at a minimum. This means if you aren't making you meals from scratch you must check each and every food label-including things like cakes etc. Don't forget there is a fair old whack of salt in bread too. Eat omega three rich foods and low fat. Good luck!

Don't smoke. Don't drink alcohol to excess. Get into a regular exercise routine. Each a healthy balanced daily diet. Pay attention to the sodium in foods you eat. Watch your weight. You don't have to become a diet fanatic, you just want to avoid packing on the pounds. Check your blood pressure often, and make an appointment with a doctor if you note changes.

If you do those things, you're doing the very best you can to protect your health. If genetics gets the best of you, you'll know before any organ damage can happen. You'll also be in great shape health wise. A 45 year old who takes his medication as directed, monitors his BP, eats right, and exercises, is way head of the game when it comes to controlling his blood pressure.

Euan S
If you smoke, stop today!!!!! stop now!!!!! the longer you smoke the longer it takes for the body to return to normal.
Decrease your intake of salts and saturated fats.
Exercise more often.
Decrease your cholesterol levels or increase your HDL (high density lipoprotein) levels as these help excrete excess cholesterol.

Limit Salt
Exercise Regularly
Watch Diet

reduce your salt intake, drink 8 glass of water, stressless and eat lots of veggies. and oh, yeah, excersise!
(can't forget that one) *smiles*

Quit smoking
Low salt diet
Regular exercise
Lower the fat intake

Lose weight

Dr Frank
Three things are thought to reduce BP and the risk of developing hypertension the disease.
1) Be as close to your ideal weight as possible.
2) Keep your salt intake low.
3) Take regular,vigorous exercise.

Even then there is no guarantee as more that 90% of hypertension is called 'idiopathic' which means we don't know why it is there.

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