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 Fear of having a heart attack?
i'm only 19 and i have a fear of having a heart attack, i get palpitations, tight feeling in my chest, can feel my pulse in my head, neck, stomach and sometimes in my legs and wrists, every time ...

 is this doctor right?
went to see a doctor last week ( not my regular one ) and checking my records found out that i had a heart attack last year ( i went with an unrelated problem ) and increased my dose of ramipril from ...


 What is it called when your heart just randomly stops?
What are the names of conditions where your heart just randomly stops for a period of time.?

Someone I know has this condition and is in the hospital right now, but I want to know what ...

 Does this sound like Heart Problems?
The last month or two occasionally I have had some weird things going on. Sometimes I will be relaxing and it feels like my heart flutters for a few seconds and then i'm fine. It use to happen ...

 my dads blood pressure is 180/120?
how bad is this. he refuses to go into the hospital....

 8 year old son lips go dark blue, especially when in water swimming?
I take anticonvulsants
EEg in Dr's surgery said atrial flutter, but gp said it was normal.
Should I push for anther opinion by paediatric cardiologist
Additional Details

 Can't take pepcid AC for more than 14 days?
I have acid reflux, does anyone know why pepcid ac says you cant take it for more than 14 days? if i take one pill every morning i dont get it, its been two weeks and it says to contact a doctor, but ...

 Can anyone make me smile? I feel so sad.....=(?
My father had a Heart Attack a few months ago.
And he was rushed in the ER, yesterday.
He had 2 new blockages, and he isn't doing really good.
They did a Catheterization, and put ...

 when you hold your breath can you stop your heart beat to?or no one can stop there heart beat?

 will my friends grandma live longer?
i know this is weird as hell but yeah. my friends grandma has congestive heart failure and type 2 diabetes, he keeps saying that shes gonna die and i just keep telling him to say that, it should be ...

 is this a sign of heart attack? chest pain,more like pressure kind of pain then,?
like a more severe feeling of when you get a dead arm thats deep and spreads all across my chest too. i have to keep very still in order for this pain to ease. i suffer with heart burn alot so i ...

 What can you do for lowering down your high blood pressure to normal?
Other than taking medicine as I've heard that you have to take it for the rest of your life once you start your medication. Are there any other alternatives other than taking medicines? Thanks....

 How to reduce blood pressure as it is 150 without taking any medicine?

 i took my 6 month old son to doctor today he told me he has a heart murmur and told me to get an ECHO, iam sca?
should i worried iam so scare anyone have any similar ...

 a heart question? please read and help!?
ok, sometimes when i go play basketball, in like 5 mins, my heart is just beating very fast and i can feel it pounding standing up. It is hard to catch my breath and just feel so exhausted, it just ...

 My aunt had a stroke yesterday adn the dr's said that the cerebal part of her brain is dead is this really
serious and long term or is it something that can be fixed with rehab? Also she is only 45 and they are now saying that there maybe something wrong with her heart that cased this stroke,Does anyone ...

 should you eat salt if you have high blood pressure?

 My blood pressure is 160/125 is this normal?

 I'm 21 years old... no history of heart disease with myself or anything... but am having sharp chest pains now
My heart is beating a little fast... or harder than normal it seems... could it be a heart attack? Anxiety? I'm scared of having a heart attack but I don't know... I've had the pain ...

What actions should one take after surviving a heart attack?
My mother recently survived a heart attack and had some sort of operation in Taiwan, I'm sketchy of the details but I know she felt it coming on and got to a hospital. She asked me what she could do to take better care of herself, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

She needs to rest and eat healthy. Although she might want to go out there and do a lot of things, but it might cause strain on her heart. So she needs to take it slow. Slowly, she can build up what she can do on a regular basis.
If there is a history of high blood pressure or she has it, then that needs to be under control. With diet, there may be major changes she needs to make, especially if she has high cholesterol. Anger and anxiety can also aggravate the heart.

Limit the types of food she eats and have her start a slow low rep low weight work out till she can start really using her heart

Diet and exercise.

to eat healthy and exercise!

Well rest for a while after the heart attack
Eat healthier
And some light exercise to start and slowly build up the activity.

I had a heart attack 12 years ago, I started doing my own research and found a book by Dr. Louis Ignarro called NO More Heart Disease. I followed the formula he presents. Today my cardiologist tells me I have the heart of an 18 year old and I have never felt better.

Jerome C
First of all My Deepest Sympathy To You and Your Mother.

Step One: Tell Her To Recover Slowly. The first thing that people want to do is hurry up and get on their feet. It is imperative that they take their time and heal please this is very important.

Step Two: Create A Diet with whole grain foods, such as Cheerios, Wheat Bread, fruit like Kiwi,

Step 3 When your mother recovers,per the doctors orders start rehabilitation, and make sure she exercises if not then she will may lose range of motion.

The key to her success is to not let a day go by that she is progressively doing something to get better. I also suggest going to the American Heart Association for constant updates on what to do.

concerned neighbor
try to encourage her to exercize gently and adopt a healthy diet.

History geek
Eat healthy

Here answer mine


I Watch Scrubs
Taiwan, eh? Is she one of those people who don't go to the doctor for 40 years and then get surprised when their health goes to the crapper?

You don't really need us to advise you on the diet and exercise. Everyone knows it. Now you get to see if she'll do it.

If she's already doing it, then the other part is regular visits to the doctor for her preventative care. 'Course it's a little late for prevention now, but people can recover from heart attacks. Unless they decide not to go to the doctor and get something else.

I think it's pretty funny when people don't go to the doctor until they get sick, and when the doctor diagnoses them, they say, "See that's why I don't go see you, you always find something wrong." A close second are people who smoke all their lives, or do drugs, or sleep around, and when they come up with lung cancer or HIV they ask, "How could this happen to me? Why me?" It's truly hysterical. I take it back, that's even funnier than the not going to the doctor thing

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