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Hayley R
What's wrong with my heart?
For the past seven or so months my heart has been scaring me quite a bit. I have phases where for a couple of weeks around three times a day my heart starts beating stronger. I'm not sure if it increases in speed but I get short of breath and every time it scares me. Last week though I had a very bed spell (I hadn't had one of these "events" in a couple of months). It felt as if though time had slowed down and I thought I might be having a heart attack. I was born prematurely though and had to have surgery to close a valve in my heart that hadn't automatically done so when I was born. It changes the direction of blood flow through your heart or something like that. Do you think this could be linked to my previous surgery?
Additional Details
Also I am a vegetarian however I do eat fish and lots of it.

Trent W
I'm not really sure, but I recommend that you take fish oil, &, or eat fish, Both of these have Omega Three Fatty Acids. One of it's purposes is to help you have a Healthy Heart. If you have the Family Net Channel, watch Your Health. You can call into the show and talk to Dr. Richard Becker, and ask to see what he thinks. There's also a book that I want to get by. Dr. Stephen Sinatra, I think it's called Reversing Heart Disease. I'm not saying that's what you have, but the book may still help you. Go to Bioinnovations.net, the web site should still have Dr. Sinatra's book and has Dr. Becker's book, Foundations For Healing. There is also a health Doctor, who's name is Dr. Don Colbert, he has a whole sleu of books, that you may find just as interesting. I'm praying for you.

Apart from the obvious 'Go to a Doctor' answer, it might be wise to check what you eat.

Avoid certain high fat foods or anything with aspartame in it.

paul s
Go to the doctor, he will send you for a ECG.

I agree make an appt with your dr, but it sound like tachycardia (fast heart beats) doubtful it has anything to do with your PDA surgery. avoid caffine and smoking, both common triggers for tachycardia, you will probably need to wear a holtor monitor for 24 hrs to see if you have any irregular heart beats and if you are having frequent tachycardia they may put you on some meds to prevent it from happening.

Mike G
Keep ignoring it. That is one way to approach the problem, Or see a cardiologist, that may be another.

Try not to worry, anxiety will only make it worse!

As everyone has said....go to the doctor NOW.

Nancy N
Why have you waited seven months? Given your past history, don't you think it would be smart to get checked by your doctor (a qualified medical professional) instead of asking Yahoo! Answers???????

The best thing, for you to do, would to be to see a doctor and in that case.. IMMEDIATELY. We can offer all the advice in the world, but it isn't going to help you. It isn't going to make your heart better! Go and book an appointment and see your doctor and get this sorted! Wishing you luck!

Simple solutions are the best solutions -


Kitty Kokaine™

P. W
Sounds like Heart Arrhythmia, so go see your favourite Quack.

This sounds a lot like "Arrythmia".Where your heart rythm changes - these spells often happen when the heart slows down. It usually affects older people,(you may know some people who have a pacemaker - these are sometimes used in extreme cases) you don't say what your age is but even if you're young It's possible because of your heart history. Go to the doctor and tell them exactly what you told us.
It may be much less serious - but your heart needs looking after and it's trying to let you know somethings not right at the moment hun .x.

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