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 I've been having an irregular heartbeat for some time now.?
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Unusual heart beat episodes?
I'm pretty healthy, and have never been diagnosed with heart problems. But I've had MANY episodes where, out of nowhere, my heart will beat extremely fast, ranging from 10 seconds to 20 minutes. It feels sort of like a butterfly feeling in my chest, and I get really dizzy and weak. And it doesn't slow down gradually, rather it stops abruptly and returns to a normal beat and my chest hurts. Sometimes it'll only happen once every few months, and sometimes it'll happen up to 20 times in one day (while vacationing in Florida, it was occurring many times a day). Sometimes it happens while I'm very active, sometimes it happens when I'm just sitting on the couch watching TV. I don't have insurance or the money to see a doctor or a specialist, so I'm hoping it's harmless.
Additional Details
umm i'm 5'4, 115 lbs so it's not from being overweight.

Bad A$$ Bear

thanks for the 5 or 2 pts lolz

please have a stoke

That happens to me every once and a while but it only lasts for a few seconds, I am healthy aswell... I honestly don't know what it is but like I said it happens to me too.

I have no solotion. just that that happens to me too! except i don't recall being dizzy, tired, or having my chest hurt. other than that basically everything you've said. I haven't see a doctor yet so I can't tell you whats up either

Steve Lizard
So Strange I asked this question earlier today and someone pointed me in a good direction

Heres the link to what I asked and its results

Ellie Martin
sounds like what i have...PVCs and non-sustained ventricular tachycardia...cutting out stimulants and salt helps me. Check out the Heart Forum on Med Help...they have lots of cardiologists that answer questions and concerns...


Good luck with it...it's not pleasant, I know!

Tena K
go to a free medical clinic to get evaluated make sure it's nothing check your local area there has to be someone you can see

heart beat irregularities are called a heart arrhythmia. Your heart beat is controlled by an electrical impulse that signals your heart to contract. This impulse begins in the sinoatrial node (SA node). This is the heart's natural pace maker. There are many factors that can attribute to heart arrhythmia from the condition of your heart: endocrine abnormalities, blood chemistry is abnormal, substance abuse or anxiety to name just a few. Most treatments are non-invasive or done on an out pt. basis. Many arrhythmia can be treated through radio frequency ablation which sends a radio signal to the cell muscles that are triggering the abnormal signal. The radio frequency destroys the cells that are causing the arrhythmia. There is a 90 percent success rate.
Either way, heart arrhythmia needs a doctor's intervention. It could be benign or a serious problem. Find a physician that will accept payments. There are many that do. Treatment options can vary in cost. In the meantime, avoid all stimulants (caffeine smoking etc.), Lower salt intake and try and reduce stress.
Good luck.

mildred f
A cardiologist would have you wear a Holter Monitor for a 24 hour period so that the particular type of arrhythmia could be determined. The rhythm determines what the treatment would be. You sound symptomatic and worried, so you should seek a cardiologist for diagnosis and treatment.

Paul D
I don't believe it's harmless. You need to see a doctor for this or rather get an expert opinion not on Yahoo answers but a friend nurse or doctor. You maybe having palpitations. If you feel weak or dizzy or when you are very active and starts acting up. Most likely it's always the heart or some artery cause it's the motor that circulates your blood. You have to see a doctor my friend. Avoid drinking anything that can cause your blood pressure to rise like coffee or soda for the meantime until you've been checked.

Something similar to this happened to me a couple years ago, and my dr ran every test and it ended up being a mix of acid reflux/indigestion and anxiety. you really need to see a dr though, it could be a murmur or something.

You are probably have a recurring heart arrhythmia which can be harmless or harmful depending on what type it is and what symptoms it produces. If you ever lose consciousness it is not a harmless arrhythmia and it warrants a specialist consultation. The only way to tell you for sure what arrhythmia it is is by doing an electrocardiogram which will monitor the electrical activity of your heart.

Judging from your description you could just have atrial fibrillation in the "holiday heart syndrome". This syndrome manifests itself as unusual heart beat after stressful events, binge drinking or just dehydratation in an otherwise normal person. Remember if it truly atrial fibrillation, that is a DANGEROUS condition which can lead to the formation of blood clots with the following embolisms.

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