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Unbearable feeling of my heart beating please help.?
Hi, im a 20 year old male, not too long ago i was taking a hot bath and when i got out and tried to go to sleep i couldn't. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, kinda like a pound and flutter. It was actually REALLY irritating. So irritating that i actually couldnt sleep. Its lasted 2 days now, when im working or walking or something i cant notice it. But standing still, sitting, or lying down i can feel it and its about to drive me insane. I weigh about 125 lbs, and probably consume 5000+ calories a day. Also i experience random chest pains, from deep throbbing to sharp stabbing pains all around my chest. Also i take 2400 mg of ibprufen a day for fatigue and acne. Can anyone help me, or should i go to a doctor?

firstly, that 1st time you noticed your heart beating, it would have been due to the heat of the bath water. Since then, you may have subconsciously worried about, so then actually LISTEN for the pounding to start again. The vicious circle starts, and it's due to anxiety. My 27 year old son had the same thing (he's very worried about his job at the moment) so saw the doctor 2 weeks ago, who put him on beta-blockers.

Secondly, 5000 calories each day is too much! You need to cut down on any junk food (McDonald's, Chinese takeaways-which contain Monosodium Glutamate-known to increase heart rate, temporarily) and alcohol. Aim to have no more than about 3000 calories daily. Don't smoke.

You know what you really need to do.......get to the doctor's, for some PROFESSIONAL advice

def see your doctor mate! heart attacks are more prominent in young males...not saying u have any probs just better to be safe than sorry after all u must be very valuable to a whole family out there somewhere - REMEMBER THAT LADS WHEN U DONT GO TO THE DOCTOR!!

Heart tremmer, or fluttering is common and is often a symptom of an improper diet, not enough nutrition. Also you are taking far too much ibuprofen. that can and will cause upset stomach and possible even irregular heart beat, and especially if it is taken on an empty stomach. The other possibility is anxiety attacks, which cause the heart to pound and seem like a heart attack. I would speak to your doctor about this and ask him what to do.

Matty R
I know that feeling, its horrible. That pounding and fluttering sounds like very much like anxiety to me, and to a certain extent the stabbing pains can be put down to anxiety too. But dont pay too much attention to the answers u get on here, i aint a doctor and it sounds like u need to c one.

Nathan B
I sometimes get that feeling, it's unpleasant. I only get it rarely though.

5000+ calories is a bit much don't you think?

See a doctor, better safe than sorry and all that.

Zachary S
Any heart beat irregularities or sharp pains are recommended immediate medical attention situations. You should go to the ER, better to be safe than sorry.

Also that is way too much ibuprofen per day, unless under the supervision of a doctor.

[email protected]
first of all if you are taking 2400 mgs of ibuprofen a day, i'm hoping you are already under a doctors care. that's alot of ibuprofen and could really mess up your stomach. you need to see your doctor or go to your local er, you may be experiencing some type of arrhythmia and really need to be checked out

That ibuprofen can cause heart irregularities , Stop taking it and ask the pharmacist or doctor for an alternative . Acne won't kill you , but a heart attack certainly will . Do you want to look spotty and alive, or dead ?

yer you should definately go to the doctor- it might be somthing small but with your heart its better safe the sorry

and how can you eat over 5000 calories a day and be so thin- that might be a side affect of whats wrong with you- but i don't know i'm not a doctor :)

get well soon- but you do really need to go to the doctor

Well for starters, try easing off the Ipuprofen, you could be having a reaction to the medication, or it could be a million things, GET TO A DOCTOR to be sure instead of asking on here, thats what Doctors are for

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