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Strong random pains in my heart?
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On the Sleigh (again!)
This 'problem' with my heart only seems to happen when I am relaxing?
My heart seems to 'miss a beat' or beats almost out of my cheast some times, but not when I am up and about.

It comes and goes but is frightening when it happens.

It mainly happens when I am trying to sleep.

I have not had it looked at but the words ''Irregular Heart Beat'' or ''Palpitations'' spring to mind.

I'm 37, smoke and drink, and have been under some stress recently, though the problem has been going on longer than my stress (I think).

I am not sure seeing my GP is the right course of action, as she seems to have problems of her own and is not always on the same planet as me.

Advise please.

gareth f
it's called arhythmic heart beat (without rhythm)

i think if it was that bad you would pass out ask for your blood pressure checked

Smoochy Poochy
First of all change your GP!
It may be nothing, I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday for the exact thing you are describing and the doc told me it is very unlikely to be something to worry about.
The reason you feel it worse at night is because you are at rest, it's probably happening in the day but you don't know it because you are busy whizzing around doing your daily things, the worry about it may also make it worse, I get it quite bad when I am exercising, like my heart stops for a few beats then all of a sudden BANG it kicks back in to action really hard, the doc said this is also normal.
I am having a treadmill test and a heart scan just to be sure but the consultant doesn't expect to find anything.
To be honest since I had my appointment I have not felt any palpitations, so I would recommend you get referred to the hospital just for your own peace of mind, it seems to have done my heart some good!
If it's accompanied by breathlessness and chest pain then it may be something that needs attention.

First I would suggest getting a new GP! They are supposed to be there to take care of you - not distracted with other things. Secondly, I would go to your new GP as soon as you can. You really don't want to ignore potential problems with your heart - the body has a way of talking to us when something is wrong - and it sounds like your body is trying to get your attention! :o)

Ultimate Guitar Hero!
its caused from stress. and the only reason why its happening when you lay down is because your body is realaxing. I would still check with your gp and he/she will lead you in the right direction.

Go to your gp, he can refer you to a cardiologist. You will probably need to get an ECG and they can go from there. A lot of people get irregularities, sounds like its caused by lifestyle more than a medical reason, so dont worry too much, but get it checked cos at the end of the day, you kinda need to look after your heart!

peter s
Your heart is too important an organ to get advice from amateurs on Yahoo. You MUST get medical advice . If you dont trust your GP change her or go to a walk-in medical centre. Whatever you do YOU MUST see a doctor.

I'm sorry to disappoint you. but your GP is completely right. The human heart will frequently skip a beat or two, typically at rest, as you describe and what you've found is well-documented in all physiology textbooks. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you, and you are quite normal. In fact, -if it didn't occur, then THAT would indicate abnormality..

You can induce it artificially, yourself by taking a deep breath, holdng it, and then exhaling.....- Your heart will skip a beat, -possibly more. It's because your blood is over-oxygenated for the instantaneous needs of the organs, and the brain compensates by skipping a heartbeat, thus pumping less blood round.

It's absolutely NOTHING to do with palpitations, or arhythmia; they're quite different and have specific symptoms, nothing like yours.

If in doubt, look it up in "Introduction to Cardiovascular Physiology".......

Happy days!


Maybe you just notice it more when you're relaxing.
Giving up smoking can't be a bad thing

The missing a beat feeling is not as uncommon as you might think and is often not serious. That said, as you are under some stress anyway, then get it checked. See another doctor if you don't have confidence in yours for whatever reason. I have exactly the same as you and like you, it appears to be when i'm going to sleep or sitting quietly watching tv. This could be that because we are quiet, it's more noticable. I got my heart checked as there is a lot of heart problems in my family, and all seems to be fine with mine.
Get it checked out soon.

Believe it or not almost everyone has abnormal heart beats. These are usually just beats that come early (Premature atrial contractions). When you are under increased stress, especially if your diet contains a lot of caffeine, you can also have premature ventricular beats. These are usually more noticeable to you because the ventricle (the large part of the muscle) beats ahead of when it is supposed to. If they are isolated and occur occasionally they are not anything to worry about.
If you have other symptoms with them like dizziness, sweating, or faintness you should see your MD for a workup.
The reason you notice them more at night is because when you are quiet, you will notice more things in your body.
At the age of 37 you are probably due for a good workup by your MD and if she is too busy to see you or preoccupied with personal problems, maybe you should be looking for a new MD also.
Good luck, hope this relieves some of your fear.

I'm 31.....are you good looking?
Do you have money?
And life insurance.....(just incase)

If you are worried, find a doctor on this planet.

Jeffrey A
Just went to the Dr last week for the same thing. I am male, 33. I am also a paramedic. So I know a "few" things about the heart. You should get it checked out. It could be what I have, Atrial Fibrilation. Or A-fib for short.Which is the top part of your heart miss firing. Could be absolutly nothing. But most serious, a blood clot. Untreated. you could try if it were a clot and you throw one, and it gets into your brain. Or a possible stroke. It is up to you, but with modern medicine. You should be fine. I was in and out in 3 days. They will check you out, maybe give you some drugs, do some test looking for a clot, then shock your heart ONLY if needed. (called Cardioversion) and you can go about a happy life again. If most serious, they put a camera down youre throat, look for clots, then if none, shock the part of your heart that is causing the problem, and all is good and never have the problem again. I also am like you, ONLY notice the heart acting weird when I am at rest, or sleeping. Sounds too familiar. Good luck and let me know how things work out for you.

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