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Should she take her pill today?
Hi, I'm posting this for my mom:

I've got a problem I thought your Answers people might help with - my blood pressure is low, anyway -107/74 (not low, but not high) - and yet, I haven't taken a blood pressure pill today. The meds data says all over it to not quit taking it, even for a day, as it is quite dangerous to a system... soooo, should I take my normal pill (once a day), or what?
Additional Details
Happy New Year to you too Irky and SF!!! :) I just left Mom's and made it home last night.. haha.. and bless her heart, her BP is all over the place

yes take it but make a apointment with your doctor you could be on a to high dosage of it and tell them ur BP is low

Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye
My bp is generally good, but I take pills. If I miss a day, it usually doesn't affect me that day, but the next day. There still are some drugs in your mom's system from yesterday's pill.

Mz A
Your mothers blood pressure is most likely normal today because she has been taking her pills as directed. Stopping could change that! Its kinda like... Your doctor gives you an antibiotic when your sick, and you feel better so you stop taking them. Then you will get sick again!
Stopping can be dangerous because it can throw her blood pressure back out of wack. Tell her to take it! This way she can keep her blood pressure normal every day and continue with it!
I hope this helped. Take care of mom! :o)

I'd say keep taking it unless your doctor tells you not to, you could mess up your body by just stopping one day then starting it up again. Maybe you should make an appointment with your doctor and discuss it with him before you change anything, you really don't want to run the risk of making yourself ill or worse. :)

Your pills are suppose to help maintain your blood pressure once it reaches that level. Ceasing to take them may rapidly change that. Always follow directions on your prescriptions

*EDIT* why did you change this from yourself to your mom?

Your blood pressure is normal and if you have been prescribed medication to keep it normal DO NOT skip a pill. If you think you no longer require the medication, make an appointment with your doctor and talk to him/her about reducing the amount or going off of it.

Kev ~ Now with added moobs
Yeah, always keep taking them.

Yes, you should never stop taking BP meds without consulting the doctor first.

take it. stopping and starting meds are brutal on your system. idk too much about blood pressure in particular but the reason its probably okay today is because you have been taking your meds properly. If you go off of them for a day it will have a negative effect on your blood pressure and probably make it low again, take it to maintain your good blood pressure. Otherwise call a pharmacy.

sorry Flor don't know...

here to wish you a Happy New Year and give you a ((((hug)))

Nirvana Veggie balls
have no idea
but just dropped by 2 say
Happy NEw Year
ask a doctor..:P

well BP pills work so it continues to lower your blood pressure.

It's not an as needed type deal!!

She should take it and continue taking it!!

HiYa Flor, happy new year!!

blue knight
i do not know Flor .
But dumb me would continue to take the pills as asked to do so on the label .
You can always call the Dr . and let him know what is going on .
sorry .

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