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Strong random pains in my heart?
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Serious inquiry into transplant surgery?
i just saw a documentary were a 70 year old man received the heart of a 16 year old boy and is doing well.
My question is: if heart failure is usually the first thing that causes death in old age, would the 70 year old man live longer then most people because the heart he received was so young?

not sure. Oprah winfrey don;t car enuff about herself to lose weight. also she doesnt think she is better then others but she does think she is smarter.
Maybe the old codger will fall in love again with his new younger heart.

Chantell B
Depends on his body.
But like they shouldn't give him the heart casue 70... He's old i mean come on they can give it to someone who's younger and really needs it.

I think his other organs would give out first.

no, not only the heart needs to be young..

thats really tough medican buisness your asking, but long story short, the body wears out and stops working after a while

No he wouldn't

that heart my last longer but he has lots of other old parts than can fail..

Not necessarily. If only his heart was the issue, then it could have a positive effect on him, perhaps increase his life expectancy. But usually by that age, the other ograns have been affected (liver, kidneys, lungs, brain etc.) With age, lifestyle, disease and illness most of us go through in a lifetime, most organs have a toll taken on them. In the case where every other part of the body is in great health, then the heart may contribute to a longer life. That's not counting the many things that could go wrong post-heart transplant.

If he was healthy enough for transplant then they likely thought he would make it at least 10 years. If all goes well early the transplant graft will usually last about 10 years or longer. It doesn't matter how old the donor was.

It's That Guy
There is an old saying that if you get a life-threatening disease and take good care of it, you will live longer than you would otherwise. A 70 year old man with a heart transplant is healthier in some ways than one without. He gets regular care, for instance, not just for his new heart but for the rest of his body. When you get to that age, that's important. So it's not the age of the heart, it's the general condition of the patient, and what kind of preventive care he gets.

A lot of people have diseases that destroy organs. Like diabetics destroy their kidneys. They can get a transplant, but if their diabetes remains out of control they'll kill the new one too. So it's possible a new heart will be destroyed as the old one was.

In any case he's already lived longer than he would have without the heart transplant! 8^)

Computer Says No..COUGH
Very good thought, and you're quite right, except the 70 year old man wouldn't live another 60 years or so, but he'd pass away at like 90.

nah... his other organs would probably have issues...

I dont think so...they still have a 70 year old body and something is bound to break down like lungs, liver kidneys. If this was the case every 70 year old would be in line for a 16 year olds heart.

It is Possible that he would live a bit longer.But He also could die from Altimzer or renal failer.So many other things could kill him.I do Hope he lives for many yrs in Good health.

I would say not, My father received a heart transplant at age 51 (also from a 16 yr old) and died at age 64. There are soooo many complications that come from transplants.

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