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she already went to the doc. ANYTHING I CAN GIVE HER AT HOME????(FOOD IDK ANYTHING)...

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My mom is 90, w/ diabetes & congestive heart failure. Is it time to stop all meds and let her die?
She has little ability as far as being able to move, walk, talk like she used to and needs care 24/7 with everything. She's been in the hospital for the past 4 weeks and gets worse daily. She is on blood thinner, insulin, heart meds and other geriatric meds. She's hooked up to oxygen because she has trouble breathing; she panics. She has no pain (she says) but she is terribly uncomfortable, I think because her mind is still functioning at a congnitive level where she knows that something is seriously wrong this time around and knows that the inevitable is around the corner. My brother says we should take her off all medications, leaving her only on oxygen, because the quality of life she's experiencing now is almost non-existent. He is going to ask her if she wants off all meds. Is she at a point where she is coherent enough to answer this, or is my brother facilitating an early death? Should she have to suffer the way she's suffering now? I can't make this kind of decision.

Be careful, the meds are most likely her problem. Remove the meds and put her on a high fat, low carb diet, she will live another 5 years. If she is a type 2 diabetic, she should have never been put on insulin to start with. Hope you learn these lessons for yourself. These are not genetic disorders but poor nutrition and medical advise.

If she can communicate her wishes to you, follow them.

If she can't... Your family must come together and make the decision together. Not agreeing on something like this is not the legacy that she will want to leave behind.

You need to speak to her doctors and a priest.

Good luck.

Let her decide how she wants to live the rest of her life, that is if she can manage to talk.
She's lived a very long life compared to most people.
I'd ask a medical professionals opinion before deciding anything first. It must be a tough decision, I know I'd have a great deal of trouble.
The best of luck to you all :)

Well, first of all Enjoy all the time you get with her. My mom was taken from me almost a month ago, and she was only 45.

What I would suggest would be for you and your brother together request to talk to the main (admitting) doctor. You can talk to him about prognosis, also you might want to consider atleast making her a DNR (Do not resuscitate), so that if something does happen to her like she stops breathing or her heart stops that nobody would try to do anything to bring her back. At this age, chest compressions are very hard on the body and would more than likely break the bones and she might end up in worse condition than before. (I am not trying to scare you, just trying to tell you things that happen)

Also, your brother and yourself might want to consider something called palliative care. Most hospitals have this. It is steered just to keeping the patient comfortable. This seems like something that ya'll are thinking about.

You can also talk about this to her doctor. This would be the primary source because he knows your mother and her prognosis

I wish you the best of luck

Jesus christ why would you put your mothers death wheather to kill here or not on the net.
Ask her what she wants to do dont put it on the net for the world to see thats not right i wonder how she feels that your asking if you should kill her take her to a docter or the hospital make her make up her mind it's not your life at stake.
Best wishes and hope to get better.
Just prayer

She is 90..I'd say it's time for her to rest, I mean seriously, she is lucky (most people think anyway) to live to 90, but living the rest of her days (how many that may be) in a bed with all that isn't a good life, it isn't really life at all. It's just literally sitting there waiting for death..

I mean would you want to live like that? I would rather die, but hell I am sick of life as it is so I really don't care about life..

it is her right to decide upon her life, because it is her life, talk to her and try to understand her wishes at the present moment of time. If she herself in this condition did not express a wish to stop all meds, may not be what she wants, so talk to her and follow her wish. Following her own will, will be the best way to serve her.

louise l
My mom had diabetes, copd, osteoporis, she broke her back and couldn't move , she asked me to let her die. I did as she wished and let her go. It was the hardest thing I've ever done but I know I made the right decision. She is no longer in pain and we both are better for the decision.

sorry about your Mum........but lifes precious.......keep fighting to keep her alive, shes in no pain........so just let the Drs treat her, gee, you are not God so you dont get to decide who lives or dies.............xx

If she really wants all this to stop, then she can achieve it, all she has to do is put her meds in her mouth and under her tongue and pretend to swallow them, then when the nurse has gone, spit them out and throw them away or hide them somewhere. My step dad is doing this as we speak, at his nursing home.

It is so sad that medical intervention keeps people alive but not really living. And who has the money to pay for all this? I think the nicest thing to do if your mother wants it, is to bring her home and let her die in peace. Sure you wont have all of the equipment but she will not be so apprehensive as she is in a strange place. I mean if you can deal with that. Its very difficult and I feel sorry for you but your brother is right. In nature or 100 years ago she would have died long ago.

Well this is not a question any of us can answer. This is something you need to talk to your mother, and her doctors about. I can tell you this though. Personally, when I get the the point where my quality of life is bad, I would like to be allowed to "die with dignity" Some times it is better to let nature take its course.

I know what it feels like in this situation - my grandfather died with the same thing on Friday. It is time to let her go because she will suffer a lot less when she is gone.
Good luck

you should ask her how she feels.. and if she thinks it time for her to go ... i wouldnt want my mom to die... but if thats what she wants then i guess im going to give it to her...

aww that is very sad i think that you should talk to the doctor and ask them what the best thing you could do to help her. i hope that she will do well.

Jessica F
i would talk to the doctor or hospital priest //

As sick as your mother is it maybe time to let her go. But while she is still here make sure she is warm, comfortable,in no pain and the family is with her. Maybe ask the Drs if cutting back on her meds maybe in order. Let her stay on oxygen for she won't panic. BE with her. Talk to her about her life,her being your MOM. Take care.

mick n
i am sorry to hear about your mum.your brother should not make the decision or try and influence you.if mum keeps getting worse the doctors will come to you and offer you options with the outcomes.it is then up to you and your brother and any other family members to make the decision.take care

Laura O is a Mummy!
I am going through exactly this with my Grandfather. He's been in pallative care for 8 years (several cancers, copd, you name it). Mum has decided that if he had trouble breathing, etc, she wont be calling an ambulance. He's just gone onto morphine - which really is the end for people as you find that people who are THAT sick and then take morphine don't generally hang around for more than a few months.

I was furious that they decided to do this but the more I think about it, the more I think she's right (it was his idea in the first place).

Having said that, he's been alive for more that 8 years after they first said he was a gonner. Every now and then he'll have a few really good days. I don't know how many good days are left for him but I would hate for Mum to take away those few days that may be left. It's a really difficult situation.

I'm not religious but I do think speaking to a priest may give you a different perspective and help make things a bit clearer. That's what I plan to do in the next week or so.

Very best of luck to you and your family.

it is a hard and sad question that you would ask, i dont think that anyone would be able to answer it. it is probably up to your mom, its sad to see someone in pain and probably wanting to die but not saying it. when i hear questions like these, there is no right or wrong answer, its up to your mom and how long she wants to continue in pain and if you go throught with it, which i hope that everything will change and she will become better, but i have been through something similar with my grandmother who lived in another country, they had to put her on oxygen, so in the end, she said to my cousin who was living with her that its over and its time to go. so be happy and spend every moment possible because it could be too late, not saying that i want it to be too late, but just be happy and remind her of your life as children, show her pictures of the past and let her know that you will never forget her and her memory will live on.

May God rest her in peace whenever it be. For now, as Human Beings, strive to let her or any other human being live with the possible means available for supporting their lives.

Good Luck !

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