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My husband recently had a very major heart attack. As he was alone when the attack occured, he didn't get to?
hospital until that evening. They rushed him another hospital. He had a stent put in and later on a balloon pump. They weaned him off of the medications and he has been symptom free since. What are his chances of survival?

Do you love the guy?
And are you actually bothered ?
(I ain't)

Early CPR and rapid defibrillation combined with early advanced care usually results with a good chance of long-term survival rates.

My source site gives some good info

I depends on many factors--his age,prior health history,etc.Talk to his doctor.

I hope and pray he will get better.

i am not sure but i hope he feels better and i wish the best of luck to you both

you must know with this limited information even a doctor would not have an accurate answer. i will say the stents they use now last longer than the ones they used 10 years ago. and the ones they used 10 years ago lasted about 15 years.

ask the doctor about him always having bayer asiprin in his pocket, in most cases if you are having an attack and chew 2...it's sometimes is enough to thin the blood till help arrives.

go on line and read up on the subject. and for god sake as the doctor questions..remember he works for you, don't think you are wasting his time..if he gives you that feeling...find another one...

Why are you not talking to his cardiolgist for this information. We do not know the damage that was done and how bad it is. We don't know how to tell you anything and if we did it is guessing.

sounds like he is doing well though..but you have to ask about the damage the heart attack did...we do not know that.

Why don't you people talk to doctors? why do you come on y/a and think we can tell you ?

Jason L
there is no telling some people don't make it through their second attack and some people make it through several, just try to keep him calm at all times and on a healthy diet

since he already survived, it's 100% isn't it..

He's pulled through this far. I believe he'll be ok. My father had a severe heart attack and lived many years later. Passed in his 80's. Had to see the doc regularly. Change some habits, like smoking and diet changes. Got exercise when they said he was ready. Just walking, etc.
Pray and trust. I'll pray for him and you too. God Bless!

how old is your husband? a friend of ours is only 42 and has had 4 heart stents put in. he is also about 300 pounds overweight. if he can make it so can your husband.

Elaine M
My dad had the same thing last September (on Labor Day, the only way we knew was when one of us called him at 5pm to say hi, it had happened at 8am, he was too befuddled to call an ambulance).

If the stint is in, that helps MAJORLY, and the doctors would watch his EKG while he's there.

Both my uncle and my dad had this work, my uncle hasn't had problems since his stint went in and that was 5 years ago. My dad, he's still driving to the stamp club meetings, and it's been almost a year now. I know everyone is different, and the amount of damage is different, but depending on the meds, the platelets, the physical shape the person is in and the doctor's thoughts, you could have him around for a long time with luck. Heart problems are never risk free, but so much can be done now, that survival is greatly improved. Keep contact with the doctors and make sure he goes for his evaluations with them on a regular basis.

Ask your dr. we can make guesses like this.

Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar
Probably not so good. His heart is probably damaged from this one and the next one could do him in for good.

I'll pray for him. And you should to. I hope everything works out for you guys.

I know an older gentleman that had a stent put in and he is still living. Im not sure when they put it in but it has been at least 4 years. Good luck and pray pray pray.

crazy nurse
I agree with lots of prayers. I would say he has a pretty good chance, but his lifestyle may change.

Catherine M
Ask your doctor what the residual heart damage is. Also you don't provide his age or overall physical condition. He needs to go to cardiac rehab.

Joe Morrison
just pray

well he survived the actual heart attack so... yeah......

there are several factors, if he went to a good hospital and has a good doctor and is willing to make the changes in his lifestyle the doctor will tell him to, then pretty good. my grandmother actually had several heart attacks and eventually died 20 years later.

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