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 help! i think i have high blood pressure and im only 15!?
i had most of the symptons after i exercised (for the first time this month) today..i had a headache, felt light headed, and my vision was a tiny bit blurry :( omg wat do i do i dont wanna have high ...

 Is there any thing wrong if heart beat is only 54bpm?
Hi....I am 26 years old male. Today I checked my heart rate in CVS myself. It was 54 bpm. I know that is not acqurate. I remember few months ago I checked in another store, it showed almost same ...

 When was the last time you played Doctors and nurses.?

 what does this mean??? my doctor sounded worried when he told me...?
my doctor told me i should be euphanized...wat does that mean???
someone tell me......

 can u get high blood pressure by worring ?

 I am taking Lisinopril eversince my pulse is super high.?
I started to take Lisinopril 3 weeks ago for high blood pressure it working very good ,however my pulse is 80-85 just laying down if I vaccum let's say it goes up to 125 I afraid to go anywhere.M...

 why do you think I'm lightheaded,nauseated,and my heart is racing?

 what is worst if you're heart is beats really slow or really fast?
what do you ...

 how long do you fast before a cholestorol test?
its at 9am... i just don't eat in the morning, right? Please don't think I'm stupid and don't listen, they originally made appt for 4PM, then called me back to say i couldnt fast ...

 Would you try a pure vegetarian diet if it would lower your blood pressure?
Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. McDougal, and many other experts in the field have stated unequivocally that a low-fat pure vegetarian diet will reduce your blood pressure and risk of heart ...

 I am TERRIFIED of flying! I go on my honeymoon to Rome in two weeks..?
but I'm so scared - what if I get a blood clot? A 44 year old woman I used to work with got a blood clot two years ago from a flight but she smoked lots. She was hospitalised. So she couldn'...

 Does having one tablet of aspirin everyday after the age of 40 help avoiding a heart attack? Doesn't it make
you immune to it?... what are the chances that somebody was allergic to it 20 years back and not tried it since will no longer be allergic to it?...

 is it possible that young people can get a stroke?
im 27 nearly 28, ive had a few scares which i dont really know how to describe but theyre similar to the symptoms one would have for a stroke, im just curious ...

 my granpa's heart surgery. please read?
my grandfather is 70 and has a BIGG heart problems and doctors are reccomending an immideate surgery!! although his fine now (well he says he feels ok), the doctors say that without a surgery he ...

 Can a 15 year old get heart problems?
Can a 15 year old boy get serious heart problems because of their diet? i.e eating a lot of junk food like crisps and fizzy drinks quite often?
Additional Details
i'm actually ...

 Doctors Are Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
see i had pains in my chest and at the same time i have a heart problem with my valves when i seen the doctors and told him about these pains he said they were nothing my heart was below mild which i ...

 If you give a person aspirin, as soon as you suspect he is having a heart attack/stroke, can it save his life?
I remember reading this somewhere. Is it true? Please mention your source...
Additional Details
Yes, save them until they can get medical help......

 When ever I lie down at night to sleep i feel a thumping in my chest and it keeps me up?
HI when ever i lie down at night to go to sleep i feel a thumping in my chest, and it keeps me up at night this has been going on for about 3 days and yes i am overweight what could this be i am ...

 How common is this in people my age?
I'm only 22 and have been told that I have borderline high cholesterol and blood pressure. How common are these problems in people my age and what are some good steps to take in improving it?...

 The doctor says I won't die BUT....?
I experience Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia. My heart rate has been over 300 BPM, which only stops when they give me a shot in an IV of adenosine. They say it cannot kill me because it is atrial, ...

clare 81
My heart keeps skipping a beat and then i get a sudden thud?
Hi,I'm getting a bit worried, its been going on for a few weeks now , it only seems to happen in the evenings when i sit down, but it goes on for over an hour maybe 2, and is about 3-4 times a minute, sometimes more?? When it happens i get a thud in my chest and i get a cold sort of feeling in the back of my head, my husband has felt my wrist while this happens and it is very clear to him too, Do i need to worry? I am a 27yr old female????? Help!!!

Jude G
i once had a pet sheep with this problem! she was fine for years, but we had to get her put to sleep this year r.i.p wooly

You might have a mitral prolapse you can live that way all your life with it. But have your doctor do an EEG on you to make sure it only takes a few minutes and gives you peace of mind.

ruega por mí que las cosas mejor
GO see a doctor. I have this to and I'm to afraid to see a doctor


Rod Blagojevich
call 911 and get them to take you to the ER IMMDIATELY! Yes I am yelling

heart palpitations? My mother was born with them, and she's been fine. I'd still see a doctor though to make sure nothing's going on.

You should go and see a doctor NOW!

don't expect proper medical advise from yahoo answers! Your life could be at risk!!


i suggest you go see a doctor

See a Doctor immediately it could be a pre.cursor to something more serious

GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!! This is not normal. You should have gone a lot sooner than now.

Grand Duchess LadyProtector
You are having Cardiac Arrhythmia, meaning you are having a change from a normal sequence of heart beats. You need to be seen by a cardiologist, as soon as you can get an appointment but since you're feeling anxious go the emergency room, they will assign you a Cardiologist to start the initial diagnosis.

-Blast Ended Skank-
Heart problems can occur at any age. Please go to a cardiologist! As soon as you can!!

i started having this prob. back in 1996 you should see your doc. as soon as possible.there are many things that can cause this from
to much caffiene to stress and there are other things as well dont be to worried about this millions of people suffer from the same thing you can be born with it and have it go away later in life,or not get untill your in your 20's-30's-40's ect.
you get it checked though just to be on the safe side

Barbi T
My dear please get yourself to drs. immediately. You have a full life ahead of you..When it comes to the heart you have to take it seriously.I lost a friend at the age of 30..Heartattack..Stay Well.

just to be careful i would call a doctor and ask his opinion. Maybe when it starts go to the doctor and while it is in action maybe he can diagnois you or just give u advice!

u should just got to ur doctor and ask him/her for advice since he/she would know what to do

i can explain this.you are most probably suffering from aortic regurgitation.the blood is pumped by heart into your body through a major blood vessel named aorta.at the interface of heart and aorta lies a valve called semilunar valve.this valve generally remain close.To pump blood heart contracts and increase pressure within it.When this pressure exceed that of aorta semilunar valve open and blood is pumped out into the body.just after opening of the valve there is sudden rush of blood into aorta which is perceived externally by us as pulse.after pumping is over the semilunar valves get closed so that there is no backward flow of blood into the heart from aorta and the cycle goes on.In aortic regurgitation these valve do not close properly and there is backward flow of blood into heart.So every time heart pump blood a part of it is returned back to heart[since there is backward return of blood ,a part of it is present in aorta which produces very feeble pulse or no pulse].this regurgitated blood get collected to a large volume in the heart over two to three heart beats[not pulse] which lead to very strong contraction of heart so that all the accumulated blood is pumped out.This is perceived as a sudden thud while measuring pulse.Your heart is NOT SKIPPING beat but there is absence of pulse in you peripheral arteries like that of forearm.if you try to examine your neck you would find that your VEINS have gotten ENGORGED and on radiographic examination you will found that your heart has enlarged.you would be getting easily FATIGUED and might be having DIFFICULTY IN BREATHING.you should visit a doctor immediately and tell these symptoms to him.i am sure he will get it immediately.

Graf Eisen
Go to a doctor. There's nothing that strangers on the internet can do in place of a doctor.

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