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 Is it bad if you can feel your heart beating in your throat?
I mowed the grass today and it was reeeeeally hot, the hottest it's been all year. The grass also hasnt been mowed in 2 weeks so it was really long and the lawn mower was hard to push.


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y or ...

My heart hurts a lot and need you to help!!?
I have a dad, mom, and stepdad. I don't know if I love them or not. We have been through a lot lately, and honestly, I don't think I can go on. Tonight, I misplaced some school work. I asked my mom if I could sit in her office and sort through my backpack to try to find it. I did and my mom and stepdad got mad at ME after SHE approved it. So then I told them I was gonna go upstairs to get a folderto put it away and I told them. They freaked put and shoved my stuff into my backpak and now I have to sort thru it again. Determined to find my school work, I asks to look around. For some really stupid reason it ticked them off and they cancelled my phone service! When me and my mom were arguing, she wouldn't let me speak up! I would tell her to leg me talk but she of course kept interupting me! This is really unfair! I admit I did some wrong like rolling my eyes, and and defending my self in a snobbish way but hey, what the hell was I supposed to do? And they told me to stop crying but I cannot help it!!! I get really stressed! And I am really sensitive!!! I feel there is a torch near my heart and it is slowly fading away in life and emotion.
Please help.
Additional Details
I meant how do I get the idiot parents to stop and get my phone service back!

listen to emo music

Beanie Bear
keep a positive attitude!(sorry if this has no relationship to the above, i just didn't wanna read it) .-.

just think optimistic and dont let **** get you down

Dear Shabrina,

a hug to your heart. I am sorry about your situation and assure you I identify with a similar feeling. What I would do if I were in your shoes is to try avoiding them by:

-predicting which tasks they will ask you and do them in advance

-start doing an "odd job" around the house, (cleaning wise)

-work them in different ways at different times by complimenting your mom ("I love your colors today") or bringing a drink to either dad (whichever one is nicest to you).

-After you cool them off, show you have done something good at school and apologize for whatever they were grilling you about. Then ask if you could have your phone service back :)

Emily S
If your mom wont talk to you...or listen to you...write her a note and tell her how you feel! Tell her things aren't going great with you and she should understand. If she doesn't, she's not a good parent.

go to a Doctor and have him check you heart to make sure its ok thats the best way to check your hear.

Yeah, having step parents and being at the age you are in your life will definitely cause alot of conflicts in the house. My suggestion is lay low from your step dad for awhile and let time work it's way out. In the meanwhile stay positive and encourage positive behavior. I know it must be a difficult situation for you... I would just be really involved in school, hobbies, and maybe some church for you !! I hope that your able to find this advice somewhat helpful and that you continue growing in God's grace...


thats normal it happens to me all the mome.

my mom has her boyfriend living with us, and all the sudden he started living here with hardly any notice, and she doesnt CARE at all that i feel uncomfortable.

try to speak up for yourself but it wont always go your way

Daishaaa ;-)
aww thats really sad..
maybe they are that way with you because you remind them of your father.

your mother may do it because she does not have the same feelings for your dad as she once had and maybe everytime she sees you it brings bad memories

your stepdad may do it simply because he is the man who replaced your step father and he may look at your father as some kind of loser or just dislike him for no reason

and when both of them are together they seem to be a team against you for no reason..

The best thing is to talk to people about it.. your bestfriend and even your mother and step father because chances are they do not know how they are hurting you.

You have to have confidence :)

First of all, thats really bad parenting on their part (your parents, that is)

Maybe its just a bad day for them or something, everyone gets a little angry for no reason others may not know, everyone is different

Whatever you feel, just remember to not lose sense of yourself and who you are, don't go and do something stupid most of all

People do love you, you just might not know it

Honey, when I get upset and I feel like giving up, I sleep. It really heals the heart the quickest way.


Speak to a counselor at school. Get it all out. The retards on this site will only depress you more.

The other advice I can give is, when the adults are behaving as children, your only option may be to become the adult. If you can't get a phone in your own name, and pay for it yourself, then let it go. You may have to let other things go as well. No, it isn't fair, but who said life was fair.

X Casual X
tommorow is a new day...
it will get better soon, id say they will probably put you phone up and running again within the next three days.

Steven A
SAD ({(_-_)}) get help

it sounds as if your folks have some real problems, but yours sound worse...it's them! s
sorry I cannot give you any real answers, but you are a valuable person in this world and you must just hang in there.
I hope your parent's crap doesn't follow you into your adulthood...but it's bound to unless you work real hard at maintaining your sanity. Take care. gorilla

Some parents are just not meant to be just that, sweetheart.

I know how you feel, I'm very experienced in this.

The best way I learned is to find a better source of support (friends, other family members, etc.) and just to hearden your heart towards them. If you feel like you're heart is reallysuffering emotinally or physically, you have to learn to not put yourself in those kind of situations. You know your parents better then anyone else.

You also know that parents can be quit ignorant and selfish at times and they don even realize it.

So, don't put yourself in that situation, avoid conflicts as best as possible, find more support somewhere else, get counseling if you would like that, and a fight does arise just fight back or make them feel guilty.

Try to move in with someone else?

People gone through way worst,but i know what your feeling,Ive had these moments before to were it felt i had no hope of regathering from the argument. It feels like your alone with no one who understands,yes its annoying,but it will be fine just keep going,this is life,its a ride.

Be more organized. This could have solved everything.

Google it :]

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