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My heart feels like its skipping a beat and I don't know. Now i'm freaking out. Why is this happening?
Out of no where my heart feels like it skips a beat. I could be sitting down watching tv and then out of no where my heart skips a beat. Why is this happeing? Do I have a heart problem?
Additional Details
Well I have been very stressed with school lately and no i don't have any pain or neausea or shortness of breath just out of no wheer my heart skips a beat

rek paeh sigana mah ati2 we

maybe your due for death? or maybe... like that old saying.. someone loves you awww

Vahig H
you're in love

yeah it's freaky, but not the end of your world.

Many people have a Right Branch Block, which is a short circuit in the HISS, the electrical switch which controls heart function timing.

This will show up on a EKG, and also as sinus rhythm problems. beside skipping a beat, sometimes the heart beats flutter or speed up really fast, and a quick remedy for this is to bear down as if you were taking a cr-p, as that can stop the whole deal and return it to a normal rhythm.

If your insurance allows you to go direct to a cardiologist, best to start there. if not, find a specialist in internal medicine. there are drugs to control this if it gets out of hand, but getting accustomed to those drugs can be a tough sequence in and of itself.

genetics are a pain. talk to the folks and see if any of them have this too, and how they manage(d) it, and what the doctors told them about their hearts. if they have it, chances are you will have it to the same or worse degree, as their offspring. sorry, but you wanted to know...

Home Is Where The Heart Is
It could just Be Anxiety and you are reading in to it to much. But If you are worried Make an appointment to see the Doctor. But If you are having some other side effects like dizzy or light headed , or your Jaw hurts , arm feels weird , or any kind of symptom that you normally don't have Just Go to the ER and have it checked to make sure. And tell someone you live with or A friend or Family member so they know what is going on in case of a emergency.
Take Care I'm sure U will be OK.

ted j
Eat less hamburger, cheese & eggs.

idk you should go get checked i have a qusetion for you im on my bf's page me and him aruge about am legend all the time i think it could really happen and he says no that cloverfield can happen how dumb is that medicince can go wrong

I have a cuban heart beat as well! haha! It fluttered though from October to December....It stopped almost immediately after I found out I had an infected molar....the infection was UP over the tooth by the roots way outta sight from any form of daylight. (under the gums...by the cheek bone)....I did have a bit of uncomfortableness in my cheekbone/ear area....like tense muscle or slightly cramped nerve....but, it wasn´t like I´d a run to the dentist first about my heart flutters....it was a coincidental check to get a crown put on that tooth that discovered the infection through the x-ray.....
They pulled the tooth....my heart stopped fluttering! I´d read a flyer @the dentists that mentioned infections can cause heart flutters.....I was like, "OOOHHHH!!!!!!"
Mine fluttered mostly when I was trying to relax @ night...get to sleep @night...had flutters and shortness of breath feeling.
Some flutterers can also be caused by stress....see, you could be in a situation where your overworking (also, privately) and when you finally get to take a break....your heart makes that panic call....to let you know...you´ve really gotta slow down!
I would definately seek professional help....cause a heart is nothin to mess with!
Other loose aorta tissue or stroke-warning systems...could also, be a reason. So, get behind it!
Wish you TONS o´ LUCK!!!!

You might have mitral valve prolapse. It's usually a non-life-threatening condition where a valve of your heart doesn't close properly once in a while. The feeling can be a flutter or feel like it's skipping a beat. You do need to go get it checked out by your doctor, but seriously don't over stress. If you were having a heart attack you'd be having other symptoms like not feeling well, dizziness, pain in arms, numbness in arms, pressure on your chest, etc.

There is no cure for mitral valve (except surgery in SEVERE and RARE cases), and most people just live with it, just being aware of it. There are mixed opinions out there if ppl with MVP are more susceptible to infection when they get dental work done, but the big wigs in medicine just released new info saying they dont' think there's a connection.

The other thing it could totally be is anxiety. Anxiety is the physical effect of emotional stress. It can make your heart pound, skip a beat, etc. etc.

You do need to go to your family doctor, tell him/her your concerns. They'll probably have you do an EKG (so not a big deal) and a stress test, and you might have to wear a heart monitor thing for a couple of days. Then they'll be able to tell you what is going on.

Keep in mind, if the 'skipping a beat' thing doesn't happen while they're watching you (or while you're wearing the monitor) they might not be able to tell you what is wrong. Which probably means you have MVP. MVP is common.

p.s. It usually starts showing up in adolescence, or your late teens.

go see your family doctor and ask for blood tests to see if your thyroid gland is working OK.
you need calcium levels, parathyroid tests, T3, T4, free and total, also TSH, and most importantly a Reverse T3, this shows how much T3 your body can use, out of what is in the blood for use. demand it, many docs don't know what it is, or think it is not needed but there can be a huge diff between results.

when thyroid is too high or too low, the heart is affected, skipped beats, mini-strokes, even full on heart attacks.

Joseph F
maybe.....but some people have different heart patterns

Skipped heart beats are a normal occurrence in most people. It can be caused by activity, stress, caffeine among other things. You do not have a heart problem and this is normal. Only if it occurs continuously and doesn't go away, gives you chest pain which becomes constant or you feel that you can't breathe after a period of times does it need evaluated.

oh ya thats weird huh....that happens to me sometimes but it only happens once...and you feel like someone stole your breath ...if its happening alot id go to the hospital...but if it happened once or twice i wouldnt worry about it...

make yourself cough

u could go get a physical

You sound stressed! Try to relax & be cool! Practice deep breathing & maybe learn to meditate...
however it could be something more serious...see your doc asap

Most people wouldn't be able to tell if it was, and you definately should not be worried. I would ask your doctor about it on my next regular check-up. But just in case, were you watching a horror movie on tv at the time?

Yvonne B
i have the same thing, so i hope not

irrgular heart beat could be early warnings for just about anything - GO see a Doctor, and put your mind at ease

Rupert Roo
What your describing is commonly called, "palpitations". Now usually this IS NOT a big deal. Some people get these occasionally from something as small as a cigarette, cup of coffee or some severe stress. But it could also be a sign of an irregular heart beat like atrial fibrillation. You didn't mention anything like syncope, dizziness, nausea or chest pain that would make me think of other causes (I won't scare or bore you with the list). Bottom line:
Go to your MD and get 1.EKG and he/she may also want something called an "event monitor" which is basically and EKG that you wear for 24-48hrs and when you start to feel the palpitations you press a button that starts to record a continuous EKG. I would go to you GP and ask about these things. If you smoke or have a heavy caffeine intake, try stopping these habits first. Good luck, mate. And if you start feeling those other symptoms in conjunction with the palpitations, go to an ER stat.

you might want to get it checked out.

i went to the doctor - for a regular check up - and she checked my heart beat. she claimed i had a "functional heart murmur" - so i went to get a cardiograph (sonogram of your heart beating)

they said it was fine, and the first doctor was crazy -- that was my adventure with my skipping heart...

get checked out - see a heart specialist...

it's called a heart palpitation. I get them sometimes due to my anxiety. i would get an EKG by my doctor just to make sure nothings wrong but that just happens to people sometimes. It doesn't necissarily mean you have a heart problem.

Its Probaly Anxiety....this happens to me ALL the time. If it IS anxiety theres nothing to worry about, it can't kill you. Just relax and let it run it's course, eventally it will go away... It helps me if I talk to someone(like call them whatever..) when I have Anxiety...BUT Thats just me..

BUT...I'm am NOT a doctor. And.. I can't be sure it is anxiety..

If you are young and healthy..I woundn't about it?

But, if you are older and have heart or other medicial problems, and it countinues.. CALL 911.. To be on the Safe side!!

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