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My friend is having a heart transplant operation at this hour 12:02 AM EST, 12/29/08...Will you say a prayer?
Her name is Vivian...and she is loved by all who know her. She has committed her life to making the community a better place & has always worked hard to help the under-served. If anyone deserves healing & a long, healthy life, it is she. If you believe in the power of prayer and sending good thoughts, will you please take a moment and do so right now? Thank you!

I hope that the operation went well. She will have a tough road ahead. Thank God that she was able to receive a heart. Many people never get the opportunity. I know a guy who had a heart transplant about 5 years ago and he is doing great. Tell your friend this. I will pray that she has a speedy recovery.

God bless her. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

tony g
i wish her all the best even though i dont know her i think anyone going to have this must be very very brave,hope you have a good recovery and a long and happy life

I'll bless her with all my heart and I'll pray for her. Hope everything goes well

i wish her and her family the best and with friends like you giving her support i am confident that god will get her through this surgery so u and her loved ones can help her recover her strenghts and continue with life. may god bless you for loving her so much and may god guide her and her family though this be strong be positive and please post when she comes out.
love and peace.
i pray to god and trust in him that she will be ok

Sarah M
ofcourse i will...May she go through a gently but speedy recovery and may she be blessed for the further days to come. :) amen

James G
May your friend Vivian have luck in this surgery and to come out more whole heartedly than she came in. She is in my prayers. As a sufferer of heart disease that has been misdiagnosed time and time again by ER doctors not running the proper tests and cardiologists thinking that I am just suffering from anxiety meanwhile I keep getting worse every passing day now for 11 weeks, I know how hard it is when dealing with matters of the cardiovascular system

Medicine Woman
You got it Brain Babe. Heavenly Father, please guide the Doctors hands as they perform surgery on Vivian tonight. Hold her heart in the palm of your hand and perform a miracle when the Dr replaces her bad heart with a heart that will work better for her. Be with her so that no complications set in after the surgery and allow her a speedy recovery. We ask it all in the name of your son, Jesus and thank you for answering these prayers. Amen. Now Brain Babe just have faith no matter what. God can and does perform miracles.

preachers daughter
Yes, I will.My prayers are with you & your friend. God Bless.

God bless her and my all wishes are with her & you. Dont worry dear everything will be OK.

May the lord bless you and her in this time of need . I pray that to you oh Lord that you make your hands the surgeons hands and heal this woman and her family Give her your strength lord to have a safe and speedy recovery we know that you don't put us into situations that we cant handle but that will only make us stronger In your name I pray AMEN

The best of luck to your friend I hope she does well I will keep her in my thoughts.

My God be with your friend and keep her safe in his arms during and after the surgery. May he guide the judgment and hands of the surgeons and everyone involvded in helping her get better.

Dear Lord grant Vivian a new strong heart to match the soul that echoes her love for You, the world and her fellow man. May she give her heart tirelessly to the service of Your will and way. Let her forever be Your good-hearted servant. Grant Vivian this Jesus. Amen.

† Equitable Prayer Warrior †

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