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 Can anyone make me smile? I feel so sad.....=(?
My father had a Heart Attack a few months ago.
And he was rushed in the ER, yesterday.
He had 2 new blockages, and he isn't doing really good.
They did a Catheterization, and put ...

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 will my friends grandma live longer?
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 is this a sign of heart attack? chest pain,more like pressure kind of pain then,?
like a more severe feeling of when you get a dead arm thats deep and spreads all across my chest too. i have to keep very still in order for this pain to ease. i suffer with heart burn alot so i ...

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 My aunt had a stroke yesterday adn the dr's said that the cerebal part of her brain is dead is this really
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 My heart started beating really fast today?
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Can you always tell if you have had a heart attack

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 I was awakened by sharp shock (like electricity) in my right arm/no pain/no headache/---could this be a stroke?
please be aware that I am in a 3rd world country nearest good hospital
6 hours away /I am old as the hills but in good health/non-smoker/food
prepared by my cook mainly chicken,fish,...

 What Should I do to stop my heart from beating very fast , when I'am nervous?

coma patient's son
My dad is in a coma due to a heart attack. What are the common signs of waking up ? what do we hope to see ?
I would like to know from other people's experience about some signs that they have seen and that have led to the recovery ? and what was the recovery like ...

Sorry, i have no idea. But i'm so sorry to know that. Best wishes for your father.

Daniel G
My grandfather was in a coma. A good sign of improvement is brain activity. There are different shapes to brain activity so it depends. Ask his doctor to findout. If his hands and arms start to curve inward and become tight it's a bad sign. It's a difficult situation. My grandfather didn't recover.

doglas p
Sorry, I have no idea. Just a note to let you know that you will have prayers for your dad and you from some of us on this site.

Tonia G
my mom had 5 heart attacks and was in intensive care for 14 days and she was in a coma we thought we would lose her but she pulled threw just pray and everything will be fine i will pray for you she asked god to take away the urge to smoke away and he did she hasn't smoked since then and is healthy now she has 2
stents in her heart now this is very hard to go though but youll' make it i promise. god bless you my mom is still here, she witnessed the birth of her first grandson her first grandchild

i hate phil collins
i dont know the answer, but i know that you must be feeling a lot of pain..... i just hope the best for you and your family.

god bless

don`t know the signs but the doc told us to talk to him so every day one of us would go to see him and talk to him about the past and the fun we had he lost some of his memories but still OK to do most of the natural things that he did before it happened

I was in a coma for 3 days after I had a heart attack and my blood sugars went sky high.
For me I just woke up one minute, it was like I wake up in the morning but just 3 days later. I was sooo tired I went back to sleep for another few days but not in a coma state
How long has he been in a coma?
Talk to him, read to him, leave the TV on, do not make it comfie for him to sleep. when all of you are in the room talk loud and laught lots make him want to join you. When I woke up my family was in the room talking so loud I told them to shut up (I don't remember doing that, but thats what my husband said)
Good Luck & God Bless your family.
PS being in a come is a healing process and it takes time.

Brainwave activity just changes and conscious state returns shortly after.

Joe R
movement of hands and feet noises like moaning sort of. Coma is not like on TV they don't wake up like a light switch off and on. "Waking up" some times takes a few days worth of small steps

Heart attacks seldom induce a coma. There may be a period of unconsciousness but seldom a coma. As a physician, I do use opiates or other narcotics to control pain but also to induce a comatose state to both sedate the patient and relieve anxiety. A heart attack (myocardial infarction) is a major crisis both physically but also emotionally. If your physician is doing the same, then recovery from the 'coma' will simply be an awakening as from a deep sleep. However, I suggest you talk to the physician in detail about what has really occurred. Many physicians talk down to relatives as not being capable of understanding the causative factors and give simple answers. I, too am guilty of this, as some things are very difficult to explain to persons not able to comprehend the anatomy and physiology...it is not to say we think you to be stupid, but to explain some of the details is very difficult. For example if I use the word 'wood'...it is totally understandable to you but if I use fibrovascular bundles...I might lose you....it is not intentional but I might do it for convenience, or more likely to simplify so you can catch the idea. But, it is important for you to completely understand the diagnosis and insist that you or the family understand what the physician is saying. A heart attack is an area of the heart muscle that has been deprived of oxygen and an area of the muscle is now dead...it will heal...but we have to allow time for the muscle to re-grow...so slow recovery is needed (reduced activity) and slow return to normal life. I had a patient once that had a heart attack and after he stabilized refused to believe he had had a heart attack, and I had no choice but to keep him sedated...just to keep him quiet and in bed....literally he was mildy comatose.

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