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 Is it normal to have a fast heart beat?
when your sick with a cold or sinus infection and does not slow down even with beta blockers?
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I don't have high bp and my heart rate is at about 126...

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okay, so sometimes.
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it feels like i can't breathe
well, or something i don't know,
my throat just starts feeling weird

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Although these blood pressure tests are only one offs and ...

 Do Vegetarians get Heart Disease?

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What percentage is gene related?...

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 My heart always seems to beat really fast even when im at rest. Does anyone know what is wrong?

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It just beats really fast at times. I do not know the numbers or beats per minute, but it just pounds reallly fast....

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Ashley M

A heart murmer means you're not getting enough oxygen into your system. One of your dogs valves must be loose, so oxygen isn't getting to your dogs heart. The only way this would become fatal is if he loses too much blood.

A good idea would be to ask a vet. for more information. Most likely he will have to go through surgery, to get the valve(s) repaired, or replaced.

Hope everything goes well!

I have a 13-year-old boy who has had a heart murmur all his life. You just want the vet to keep an eye on it--unless the vet tells you it's a serious problem, treat that puppy normally and let him/her do whatever s/he wants! She'll be fine.

My boy, btw, was always shown in agility, where he performed really well. I took him on hikes, sometimes in very hot weather. I just always made sure to take water along with me, and to give a chance to rest if he needed it. But it's seriously not something you need to worry about unless your vet tells you to worry.

Call a vet clinic,or humane society.

Donna B.
New puppy with a heart murmur! AWG! , Does the puppy run around like a new puppy or does he/she just sit and do nothing. I'm no pet expert but only a vet can tell you whether it is serious or not. People live their entire life with heart murmurs that do not cause them any problems. Like people. the puppy needs to undergo an echocardiogram if it hasn't had one done already and a ecg. The vet must of told you something about it. That's all I can think of.I hope your puppy is OK, what kind of puppy is he/she?

suggest you ask this in the pet section, the health section is for human health.

It depends on the severity of the heart murmur. It is not uncommon for a puppy to have a minor heart murmur and grow out of it. They will often show no symptoms. If it is more severe, there are heart medications for dogs. A dog with a heart condition has most of the same signs that people have: low energy, cough, out of breath fast. Ask your vet how severe your puppy's murmur is.

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