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Is this heart burn?
For the past 5 days I've been having alot of discomfort in my throat, and chest with light belching. Sometime I just all of sudden feel like I'm going to be sick and belch up acid with food. My throat feels like I have a huge ball in it and feels very tense. My chest just kinda burns but sometimes feels like there's light pressure on it. Is this anything to worry about? Of course I'm worried about a heart attack but I've been feeling like this since Saturday. A heart attack wouldn't last that long right??

i agree with Bubba on everything.

it sounds like heart burn, but you can never be sure.
that is why there are EKG machines.

Docs would rather you came in to be sure (because it is hard to tell apart) -

AND if it is heart burn, they can give you meds to help NOW. those meds work better than the OTC stuff.

Dinty Moore
This sounds very typical for acid reflux in all respects. The pain of a heart attack generally subsides within 24 hours. However depending on your age and especially in women it would always be the prudent thing to be absolutely sure your heart is not involved here. Sometime it can be very difficult to distinguish reflux from angina. A quick trip to the ER for an electrocardiogram would also enable you to get some treatment for your GERD and do so with complete peace of mind regarding your heart.

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