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Yadira G
Is this a High Blood Pressure?
Today i was working out and the machine read my blood pressure at 182, is this bad? When i started my blood pressure read at 52 and in such a short time it went up to 182. Am I Ok?
Additional Details
Im sorry correction, it was my heart rate. not blood pressure. Is this normal?

Whoa! You better check into a hospital. Anything over 175 is deadly!

Nurse For 20 Years
A blood pressure reading is two numbers, one over the other, not just one. It sounds like you're talking about your heart rate.
It you are talking about heart rate, then 182 after doing strong aerobic exercise is perfectly normal, as long as it recovers in a decent amount of time.

Juy D
Yoga asanas are very effective in treating high blood pressure. Uttanasana and Adhomukha Svanasana helps in reducing blood pressure. yoginfo.com

182 is high bp, but 52 one may be unconscious.

If you are talking about a single number it is probably your pulse. A pulse of 182 after strenuous exercise is normal. Blood pressure will go up too, but you need to check all three prior to exercise to figure out if you have a problem. Your blood pressure consist of systolic and diastolic pressure readings and will look something like this. 120/71 and pulse of 60. Check yours out prior to exercise and then again after exercise and then if in question just post the question or check with your physician. Do not trust people on the internet that say they are a physician because I can tell you I am not a physician and some of the advice I have seen on the internet tells me the people stating they are a physician I definitely would not go to for advice. Be careful and always consult your local physician or medical facility if in need of immediate medical advice or check up.

Autum R
If you are working out and your heart rate raises over 160 I suggest slowing down and taking it easier. I would not worry too much however. When you work out your heart needs to beat faster to supply your body with the oxygen it needs. Ask your family physician next time you see him or her if you should be overly concerned as I do not know your medical history.

gangadharan nair
Target heart rate = (210--age) x 0.85 = Maximum normal pulse rate during exercise. If your target heart rate is exceeded, it means you have some heart problems. (cardiac arrhythmia)
Note: 220 is a fixed value for males and 210 for females.

As a general guide, maximum heart rate is roughly 220 minus your age, therefore if you're 20 then 220 - 20 = maximum heart rate of 200.

So when you're working out, 182 is probably fine, and recovering to a heart rate of 52 is also a normal rate (usually 60-100 is normal "resting heart rate" but some people, particularly athletes, have lower rates such as 50 or less).

So everything sounds healthy for you :)

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