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Is there anything i can do to make my blood pressure go back up?
I went to the doctors last week because i have been having really bad dizzy spells (almost to the point of blacking out) anyway she diagnosed low blood pressure which was 60/90 (or something like that) She reduced the dose of my anti depressents thinking it could be them, but i am still feeling really horrible and it is getting worse, i am even going dizzy whilst sitting now and i have a bangingg headache and a pain in my chest, is there anythingg i can do to make it go back up?
Additional Details
There's no need for an ambulance, i just thought that maybe somebody on here has had low blood pressure before and knows of ways to make it go back up again.

I have a suggestion :) if your up for it :P

Nellie Bly
First thing would be to STOP taking your antidepressant.Talk to your doc because the med may need to be weaned off.Advertising has brought on the huge influx of all types of antidepressants that carry unpredictable side effects.Some new and improved prescriptions are expensive.Salesmen bringing gourmet lunches and kickbacks to the docs probably won your prescription of Feel Even Worse.

Anxiety meds such as Klonopin,Xanax are controlled prescriptions of the milder kind.They cost less and get out of your system easily.This type is actually safer than most antidepressants.

I strongly urge a different approach to your depression treatment.

Why on earth stay around here asking this sort of question? Call your GP - or maybe even the Ambulance!!!!

The symptoms you list are typically of the ones linked to low blood pressure, these symptoms sound very serious particularly the headache and dizziness.

I am annoyed at you for stalling and coming on here where you can indeed get flawed answers which could lead to more serious problems.


P.S. I have looked at your question history on your profile, and you claimed to have had dizzy spells on a question you asked... two weeks ago!

Your symptoms are clearly accelerating, you need help ASAP!.

It could something more serious than just low bp, like anaemia or dysautonomia or something, drink as much water as you can and have lots of salt

Paul B
Get back in touch with your doctor RIGHT NOW.

Your health is too serious a matter for anonymous unqualified strangers.

Could it be panic attacks? I suffer these and it feels like going to an emergency room is necessary where as it isn't, or aenima...

One thing I would ignore is the previous post, if you've been prescribed anti deppressants, don't stop taking them.

But get another doctors advice if your worried.

It depends what (if anything) is causing it. Lower than average blood pressure only becomes a problem if you are symptomatic- which could indicate that blood pressure is so low it is unable to push blood around the body sufficiently. Certain diseases and medication can cause this to happen and this must be excluded first of all. How long ago did you stop taking the medication, which antidepressant was it and what was the dose?

If you are having chest pains then I suggest you see your Doctor today so they can run further tests.

If you are only symptomatic upon standing, this is called postural hypotension. What’s basically happening is when you stand up, blood is pooling in your legs. This reduces blood pressure circulating your body. The sudden plummet in BP means there is an inadequate blood supply to the brain, resulting in dizziness. In most people, baroreceptors in the body sense the sudden drop in BP and quickly aim to resolve the problem by making the heart beat faster and pump more blood which will of course rectify the drop in blood pressure. The vessels should also constrict, which increases resistance to blood flow, elevating BP. With Postural Hypotension, something prevents this normal bodily function from occurring.

Problems like diabetes, heart issues, Addison's disease and as I mentioned above certain medications, can cause this.

Your GP should do blood work -including checking your iron status and ECG monitoring. If there is an identifiable cause, treatment can be provided and the problem should be resolved.

In the meantime, keep hydrated and stand up slowly.

In that case, your symptoms may not be the result of your blood pressure, you need to see your Doctor so he can run more tests

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