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krishna p
Is there any thing wrong if heart beat is only 54bpm?
Hi....I am 26 years old male. Today I checked my heart rate in CVS myself. It was 54 bpm. I know that is not acqurate. I remember few months ago I checked in another store, it showed almost same reading.I know average male heart beat is around 70 bpm.

I just want to know if there is any problem being 54 bpm.

Thanks very much........


It is probably better than 98 bpm which is mine

slow means you have a strong heart beat. Less pumps are needed to push the blood. Good job, you work out a lot?

kinda slow

Kiesha G
there is no problem, try getting off your lazy *** and moving around as this make your heart beat faster!!

See your doctor! This could be serious and it could be normal. Some people run hotter than others, temperature-wise, so maybe some people's hearts just beat slower or faster than others. I have a friend whose average temperature is 101. Mine's 94-96. It could just be human variation, but still, I would have that checked.

Josh G
that's way good if ur in shapeee!

help me


not necessarily -talk to your doctor.

well i am assuming that you are in good physical shape and that is not a low heart rate. not yet bradycardic for your age. i don't believe you need to worry

the first question would be "do you work out a lot?"
that heart rate is completely normal for an athlete or someone who is really active. there also may be other factors involved: things you have drank or medicines or the amount of food. there are lots of factors involved.
so for most people, this is not a problem at all..i would only be worried if you are an extremely overweight person.

Don't worry...mine is 110. x)

I heard the lower the better...so you must be really healthy.

James G
Now, It all depends on how active you are. If you are really active then your resting heart beat will be low. Like between 50 to 60 BPM.
But if you are inactive and your heart beat is that slow, it is called a bradycardia, A condition in which your heart beats too slowly to effectively pump your blood through your body therefore leading to cold extremities and hypotension(Low Blood Pressure).

Lulu J
The normal resting heart rate for adults is between 60 -80 beats per minute. Lower rates usually indicate good health. Athletes often have very low heart rates because their hearts pump blood efficiently. So, 54 b;m is quite good. Good for you!

If you are in good health then yes that is very good.

JB & HP Fan!
Uh.. go and see a doctor, it is truly recommended.

A low heartbeat is typically a good thing. It's usually indicative of a higher level of fitness - pro athletes have lower heartrates [Lance Armstrong's is around 35] due to their amazing and well-trained cardiovascular systems.

While that's not to say "low heartbeat = good", barring some medical condition, a lower heartbeat is usually a sign of good health.

If it's arrhythmic, that's a different story...

Maria P
no that sounds ok
help me:

it is slower than average , if you are physically fit that is quite normal as your heart has to work less if it is in shape and has a strong pumping action.

Pandora's box
Google Bradycardia. You could have that. The lowest really normal heartrate is 60 bpm.

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