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* citizen . erased *
Is something wrong with my heart? please help?
The other night i had a dream where i had a heart attack and i actually felt the pain, physical pain, from in my dream.... and i don't know if i actually did have heart pain that worked it's way into my dream, or if i dreamed that i felt it. Since then i've been really worried about my heart and i've been thinking about it a lot and i noticed whenever i think about it really hard i can feel it beating... like a spasm.
is something wrong? please help?

Read up on psychosomatics.


Mary J
before a heart attack you have symptoms
so i would go to the doctors and avoid hard exercise.
If you had pains down your left arm then go to the hospital.
Or you may have something that only females get which is females get cramp in their artery's
and only one artery leads to a certain place part of the heart so if the whole arteries blocks up and no blood can get to a certain part of the heart and the piece of the heart may die!!!!
hope this helps


It sounds to me like you had a very bad and very vivid dream and then began worrying about it in your waking hours. You're worrying about it so much that you seem to be developing a panic attack, which can simulate heart discomfort, palpitations, and so forth.

No one but a medical doctor who sees you in person can give you the correct answer to this question. I would see a physician as soon as possible, not as much for your heart concerns, but mostly because it appears you're developing an anxiety disorder.

Bottom line: If it is medical, you should see a doctor. If it's not medical, you should still see a doctor because your panic reaction and constant worrying about it is not healthy for you.

Kool Kid
plz go to the doc. as soon as you can youll regrest if u wait any longer dont risk it

Aside from your anxiety...are you having the usual life you have....running for buses or trains....upstairs..going to movies and dances..shopping...chatting with friends etc etc....you know the usual life? And whilst you are doing all this... do you feel that there is something wrong with your body...are you in pain for example?...or are you fatigued?If not you are having a normal and healthy life. You see your body is constructed in a way that IT tells you if something is wrong....by what I asked

Sounds like you may be just freaking yourself out, but if you are concerned, go see a doctor.

If you feel you have had one or are having one go to the ER! A heart attack can kill you. Do not mess around, It may turn out to be a panic attack. But very worth going to be checked.

J. Delm,
it's true, you really do need to see a Dr. people in the Bible used to rely on dreams, laying around until they had a dream
they thought it was God speaking to them. sometimes if you over exert yourself and you're really tired, it makes you have
bad dreams. So PLEASE, go to a Dr. before it's too late.
That's what happened to my Dad, he was a Policeman, work
got to him, he wouldn't listen to others, now he's...gone.

I would suggest to see a doctor!!!!! it may have been a Heary Attack and the spasms could be what they call heart papatations where it feels like your heart skips a beat or flip flops in your chest. also thinking about it does cause it to be worse. call your doctor and schdule an appointment

Your probably ok. Because you are thinking about it so much you are drawing attention to what is normal. If you are real worried about it talk to a medical professional.

My heart problem started waking me up at night. It was while the electricity was out due to an ice storm last winter, I chalked it up stress and the cold. when I went to the Dr. a week or so later I went for a heart cath. and they found an 80% occlusion in my right coronary artery. It could have been a lot worse if I had continued to ignor the signs. Always lean to the safe side and have it checked out. Hopefully you'll get lucky and the Dr. will tell you that it's stress or gas or something simple to fix, if not don't wait for a heart attack. People don't always bounce back from that.

I hate Comcast
Read about anxiety. I thought I had a heart problem too, then I found out it was actually a general anxiety disorder. Sounds pretty big, but you learn how to change the way you think and freak out about stuff...breathing is helpful too.

Honestly, if you had a heartattack you wouldn't have time to even be scared or really feel it. It's the ender.

Read a book called "from panic to power".

Ziggy Stardust
I doubt that you actually have a heart problem. However if you are worried, visit your doctor and describe your pain to him/her... maybe they can help.

go to the Dr. better safe then sorry, tell him what your feeling. sometimes people get panick attacks that sound almost what you described.

Michael ManfromUnkle
get tested and then you'll be able to stop trippin' when you find out you're ok

Maybe you should just make and appointment with a cardiologist and have the ticker checked out for your peace of mind. It's probably nothing at all.

Potato xy
You should either go see a doctor, for it may be a warning.
It may be a spiritual dream.

Prof. Dave
It sounds like your having panic attacks due to worrying about your heart. The best way to deal with this is go see your doctor and let them run an EKG on you and see if anything shows up, I doubt it will but it wont hurt anything and also then they will have an EKG to reference in the future if you ever do have heart issues.

Sara A
call a doctor r u kk?

tasks mom
you have become aware of your heart i have that it is very stressful just ignor listen if this helps about dreaming something even though this is a different subject i dreamed i heard the door bell ring and i know i heard it but in fact i do not have one see your dreams sometimes fool you relax and it would not hurt to get a check up to ease your mind

Jason H
I would suggest you talk to your doctor, but as someone who suffers from anxiety, I would surmise that what you experienced was a panic attack, or anxiety attack. I know that early on before I knew what i was experiencing, I would have the same fear, that I was having a heart attack, or that my heart was going to stop beating. To make matters worse, when it happens, the panic that hits you makes the attack worse.

When an anxiety attack hits, the best thing to do is realize that it is just anxiety, try to relaxe. Find somewhere calm away from people. Sit down or lie down and close your eyes. Count to ten very slowly and breath in deep. Then count to ten slowly and breath out. Concentrate on your breathing. think about the muscles opening up your lungs and pulling in the air. This helps you to not think about your heart palpitations. You may experience a few palpitations that feal like your heart skipping a beat, but just continue to relax and breath. The attack will eventually pass.
Dealing with the underlying issue that has triggerd the anxiety is a whole other issue. Many people suffer from anxiety dissorders, but most attacks are brought on by some trigger. Either you are in fear of some event like someone finding out a secret, or something comming up that you have to deal with like a public speach or appearance, or you may be suffering from some sort of depression.
See your doctor to be sure, but this is what it sounds like.

See a doctor!

It's probably nothing, when you scare yourself or you tell yourself something is wrong, your body can believe it and you imagine feeling things that aren't there.

If you are worried you should check http://www.webmd.com/

or see your local medical professional.

You may be having panic attacks when you think about your dream and that can cause your heart to beat differently. I've been to the hospital twice for chest pain only to be sent home with a diagnosis of anxiety. But, if this keeps up and you keep worrying, go see your doctor. They'll hook you up to an EKG machine (very easy, no pain) and check you out. Better safe than sorry.

Daniel Z
Best thing you could do instead of asking on here is go see a doctor.

Realist 2006
I have been reading the answers so far and the most obvious has been missed !!! Indigestion ! that mimics heart pain perfectly !!
It is also possible that you suffered a heart attack in your sleep ! a blood test will reveal this !, the test is for cardiac enzymes which are released into the blood from damaged heart cells ! The heart attack theory is unlikely though so I would go for the indigestion !!
The bottom line though is---
You MUST see your doctor who may send you to a cardiologist!!
ACT now if only to alleviate your anxiety !
Cheers Pete

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