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i am 16 years old

i have done my blood pressure and it is around 90 over 60

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 How long can a 50 year old man who had a heart attack and still smokes expect to live?
Serious question folks if you have links with ref s to this plz include
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He does not smoke cigs but will not stop the bong{pot]...

 Did i have a heart attack?
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 Has anyone had similiar symptoms to my Dad?
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Is something wrong with my heart?
I am a 47 yr female, with heart disease on both sides of the family. My mother had stints at 48. The problem is my heart feels as though it is flipping over in my chest. Several times a day. My neck hurts and burns and in my left elbow it feels funny, but not tingley and some numbness in the palm of my left hand. I am scared and have no health insurance, now would not be a good time for something to be wrong. I am tired all of the time, never had any test done, but I did go to the doctor complaining about being tired a lot starting about 8yrs ago, and now I can take up to 2 naps a day to make it through a whole day. The doctor said mark it up to getting old, you aren't going to be a spring chicken forever. I know old people that can run circles around me all day and I want that energy, how do I get it if I am tired all day long and gasp for breath most of the time, the pains in my chest are not centered they are below my left breast. Thanks for any help you can offer.

this symptoms should not be taken for granted especialy if you have a family history of heart problems . this condions need an immediate treatment that the heart failure or cardiac death happens in span of second or minutes not attended , the cardiologist is the best one to be consulted in case you were already diagnosed of cardiac problems.

Your family history and symptoms justify checking it out. Get a stress test done. It's cheaper than ending up in ICU because of a heart attack.
Staying ahead of the problem is always cheaper.

I think it is really unfair that your doc put it down to getting older without doing any tests- sounds like bad/lazy practice especially since there is a history of heart problems in your family.

I live in the UK where we get free healthcare with the NHS so I am unsure about the whole health insurance thing but surely if you turned up at the hospital with symptoms like that it would have to be investigated and treated if necessary. Do they do payment plans after you get seen if you dont have insurance? Or could you go to a free clinic?

It sounds like you really need to get medical attention just to make sure all is ok and to treat if necessary.

you have a heart abnormality and need to see a doctor now. you can review your symptoms at WebMD.com.

Get to an emergency room ASAP. You may have had a mild heart attack already or angina. Only a physican can help you. Get checked out first and worry about paying later.

I would def. go to the doctor. Not to scare you, but your symptoms are common with people who have heart conditions. Just for the record, you need less sleep as you get older.


Not sure but it sounds like you should have some tests run to make sure you are okay

Go see a doctor

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