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• Bex •
Is it possible for a child/teen to have a heart attack?
I'm 13 and kinda chubby. About once or twice a day I get pains in my chest (heart area) that last anywhere from 5 seconds to half an hour. I'm freaking out a little, could my weight mean that I could have a heart attack?


no, it's probably not a heart attack, the pain would be unbearable. It's probably heart burn, you can get pills for that, it's just acid build up in your chest.

John G
yeah it is but you have to be really out of shape

[email protected]
Hey lil lady.. your gonna have to eat a little less cupcakes and chips and play outside more ok? You most likely were not having a heart attack but simply anxiety attack I'mom stress. Im going to pray for you. You will lose weight and you will NOT have any kind of attack. I DO want you to cut back as much as possible on the greasy foods.

well u'll have to be VERY fat..chubby doesn't sound that fat..but sometimes ur body stores some fat and sometimes too much fat blocks the blood from pumping so that why sometimes u feel chest pains..it's very unlikely for u to have a heart attack but some pain is usually normal for fat people...ask ur doctor to be more sure :))

Jenny G
Well honestly it can be possible.I know a girl who had the same thing and she ended up have a severe stroke.So get that checked out.You can also try to loose weight to calm your pre-strokes down.

Heart Disease Guide - Heart Health: Heart disease information including symptoms of heart attacks, high cholesterol, strokes, high blood pressure, and treatments.

yeahhhh but rarely it happpens..

please answer this question


Anyone can have a heart attack, but it is much more likely when you are older than when you are younger. If you are worried, go to your doctor just to make sure. You could have also hurt your rib(s) in that area which can cause pretty bad pain, but can be treated by physical therapy easily.
After you get all checked out by your doctor, try to keep to an exercise schedule and cut down on fried/fast food. I hate exercising, but I found that games like soccer, basketball, and swimming let me exercise without being bored. Healthy habits will dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease as well as many other problems.

ignore the mean comments those people are STUPID

I woudl say yeah
I think I read on advicenators a while back that somene ended up in emergency care because they were overweight and a teen and had a heart attack or somethin gsimliar

U might want to ask there
ppl do not say rude comments like that below because theyre more mature and CARE ABOUT YOU!

skate man
yes but it is not common, when i was in 5th grade i knew a guy who had a heart attack when he was 19, just try to get into shape and you wont have anything to worry about.

It could

However does your family have any history?
You should maybe see a doc or specialist or something?
or even contact the hospital

Catherine C
yeah i'm pretty sure young people can get heart attacks.
exercise but know your limits.
eat healthier.
go see a doctor.

It is EXTREMELY uncommon, but definitely is possible.

Your chest pain is most likely not heart related.

Most teens/children who have chest pain have it because of stomach issues relating to their food habits or issues with the muscles or bones in that area.

If you keep having the pain, have your parent take you to your local doctor so he or she can find out why you are having the pain.

It is possible that you have heart problems but the risk of that is very low. Also, remember, it is HIGHLY unlikely that you had a heart attack.

ofc but EXtremely rare

Mr. Goodkat
While it is possible for a young person to have a heart attack, those pains are likely from something else. You should see your doctor if you are concerned, but I would not worry about it being a heart attack too much.

You should tell your parents about this so they can take you to see the doctor. You should also try to eat healthy and drink lots of water. I was drinking a lot of coke and it gave me heart palpitations (they're like hard heartbeats) but I didn't know it was because of caffeine and I too was worried. So that's why when it was happening to me I called 911 because I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. So if you start feeling it again I suggest you call 911 so they can check you out right when its happening. Good luck and just have faith it's nothing serious.

Children/teenagers can have heart attacks but they're usually on rare accounts (most common reason is they had a birth defect). If you are concerned I would tell your parents whats going on and consult your family physician.

Anyone overweight (inluding children & teens) has the risk of potentially having heart problems/heart attack as the arteries become thinner as blood cannot pump to the heart properly.
You can cut the risk of developing heart problems by eating plenty vegetables (green is best), fruit, cutting down on sugar, fatty foods and getting enough excercise in the day. Half an hour is quite a long time to be experiencing this chest pain, therefore I reccommend seeing a Doctor about it promptly to have this investigated further before it gets any worse. Take care x

It is possible, but before you freak out too much, go and see a doctor, to put your mind at rest, all chest pains should be investigated. good luck x

Its possible, but unlikely. There could be a number of reasons you are getting chest pain. Those chest pains could be from breast growth.

Dj Conquest
yes it is possible for anyone at any age to have a heart defect/problem. go to your doctor and tell him about your pains, he will make you go for an echocardiogram or stress test to make sure your heart is ok.

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