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 My heart feels like its skipping a beat and I don't know. Now i'm freaking out. Why is this happening?
Out of no where my heart feels like it skips a beat. I could be sitting down watching tv and then out of no where my heart skips a beat. Why is this happeing? Do I have a heart problem?

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LOL, David D!!!!...

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sorry yeah I'm 5'7 160 ...

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 i think i had or am going to have...?
a heart attack. i'm only 24...TODAY. :( lol but about an hour ago i had a tightness in the middle of my chest that made my back between my shoulder blades feel tight too. like hard to breathe a ...

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 My husband recently had a very major heart attack. As he was alone when the attack occured, he didn't get to?
hospital until that evening. They rushed him another hospital. He had a stent put in and later on a balloon pump. They weaned him off of the medications and he has been symptom free since. What ...

paul a
Is it possible for a 14 year old boy to have a heart attack?
ok. I am 14 years old, 5.6 and 160 pounds. I get this feeling in my chest (little bit left of my sternum). Its not a pain, but i still feel it. It happens only occasionally. My grandma, uncle, and cousin all of bad hearts. My mom does not, however. Is it possible that these pains can be a heart defection?
Additional Details
I am overweight, but its not all fat...
and I am very stressed out (i know hard to believe for a 14 year old, but i am)
and also, i get these pains when im nervous too

Healthy diet + exercise = no more worries.

Brandon L. M.D., F.A.C.S
It's possible but fairly rare for someone your age to have a heart attack. It's possible you may have some genetic abnormality that was passed along to you at birth or it could be any number of things. Tell your parents you need to see a doctor and get it checked out. In the mean time try not to get yourself too stressed out and try to eat more healthy foods or vitamins.

likely not a heartattack no 14 year old can have a heart attack...it could be other heart problemss ask your dr

I Came in Through the Bathroom Window
i get them all the time dont worry

Julia A
it's probably heart burn and yes, it is possible

Emily K
I get that sometimes too. You aren't having a heart attack, but it is always possible that you could have some heart issues. If you feel it getting worse, or you're just worried about it, go to your regular doctor and tell him what's going on.

I would see a docter.

It could happen but usually with a heart attack you will have chest pain, chest tightening, shortness of breath, sweaty palms or feet and usually nausea. I would have it checked out by a dr. If you are very stressed out you could also be having panic or anxiety issues and that makes you feel like you are having a heart attack.

Probably not they may just be "growing pains". Since it comes and goes it's probably just a muscle cramp. You should mention it to the doctor though, it's always better to let him/her know when you have aches or pains in the chest.

A heart attack would be excruciating pain that feels like someone is standing on your chest. It's a pressure type pain. It's so bad that people having heart attacks generally have a hard time breathing because the pain is so bad. If your symptoms are that bad you need to go to the Emergency Room.

Orange Juice
yeah. anyone gave a heart attack.

Here to Help
it's possible, go see your doctor to be sure.

freakin_amazing :)
yes it is possible for any person to get a heart attack at
any age. but you should get it checked out by your doctor.

It's not impossible, it depends on what you eat, and how active you are, usually it happens to older people, but if you sit on the couch eating chips all day, I'd jump on the treadmill if I were you.

Cherry Blossom
yes possible. it has happened in documented cases.

It is possible, but you would either need to be severely overweight (obese), or have a family background of bad hearts, which you have.

I would go to a heart doc and have it checked out just to be safe.

you have indegestion or a heart murmur... i have the same feeling sometimes as i have the pain too.. it is not that dangerous to have a heart murmur but have a doctor check it... and no thats not a heart attack.. your arm would go numb

Ga B
It's best to consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Your mom may not think anything is wrong, but it's better to be safe.

Try to avoid stimulants and ask the doctor the next time you have a visit. You're probably fine but you might as well check it out. 14 is pretty young to have a heart attack but it does happen with use of stimulant drugs.

SnM Nurse
it could just be anxiety or gas. go to a doctor.

hyper kitty

Of course it is.. anything is possible with medical emergencies regardless of age

ur never to young to have heart problem. it about family history. and condition.

14 year old boys can have heart attacks, though it is rare. However, heartburn and stress can cause chest pain. See a doctor, and good luck. No strenous activity without the dr's okay!

It's most likely heartburn. It's almost totally impossible to have a heart attack when you're only 14, unless you were born with a heart condition, and those are usually detected when you're a baby.

ok, to have a heart attack...... VERY RARE....

an esophagus burn (heartburn) is to be more likely.

does it appear after have lunch? o after getting stressed?
anyway, the best thing you can do is to lower you weight and do exercises, maybe you want to be revised by a doctor so you can feel more comfortable about that.

also, the heart attack pain is different of what you feel, it is like being "hug" by something, like a constrictor pain, it's hard to explain because english is not my mother language.

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